Solar Industry News

Why Go Solar Now? Savings and Other Solar Energy Benefits

May 25, 2017
Solar Energy Benefits

When you see solar on your neighbor’s roof does it make you want to go solar too? Maybe your neighbor told you his new solar system helped put a big dent in his electric bill, and you’re thinking going solar could be a nice benefit for your family too. But then you think electricity rates…

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May 22, 2017
Solar Energy

May 2017 – Solar Technologies, a Bay Area leader in solar panel technology, announced today that they can help homeowners and business owners realize significantly more solar energy savings than their competitors. “Our solar panels by SunPower use Maxeon® solar cell technology to make more solar energy from every drop of sunshine. In fact, they’ve been…

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Sustainable Business Practices and Your Bottom Line

May 18, 2017
Sustainable Business Practices and Your Bottom Line

When a money-minded publication like Fortune says “Like it or not, sustainability is now the core of your business,” you know a seismic shift in corporate social responsibility is taking place. The fact that some businesses are not yet sure what that looks like for them is irrelevant. The point is, when sustainable business practices…

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How Solar Works For You. 

May 15, 2017

Our Solar Panels Work Harder & Last Longer. If you’re deciding to go solar, go all the way. Our solar panels are designed to wake up earlier, work harder, and turn off later in the day. So you can make the most of abundant solar energy and save more for longer. Plug into a solar…

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Do Solar Panels Work in Winter?

May 13, 2017
Do Solar Panels Work in Winter

While the epic East Coast Winter Storm Jonas was dumping feet of snow across New York, Washington, D.C., and beyond last January, an intrepid customer of ours snapped this photo showing two homes with Solar Technology by SunPower solar that were still producing some electricity despite blizzard conditions. Although we were impressed he was willing to…

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The Benefits of Solar Energy Remain—Investors Want Sustainable Companies

May 11, 2017
Benefits of Solar Energy

While the news has been heavy with reports on the US government’s de-emphasis on the environment, the benefits of solar energy remain unchanged. There may be less top-down pressure on companies to go carbon neutral, but customers and investors increasingly demand a triple bottom line commitment. Climate Change and Business Strategy are Hard to Untangle…

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California New Homes Industry Leads Nation in Green Building

May 9, 2017
Green Building

As goes California, so goes the nation. That’s a common refrain from those who recognize the forward thinking that the West Coast is known for, especially when it comes to securing a clean energy future. In the last year, under the leadership of Gov. Jerry Brown and the California Legislature, California has set the bar high, pioneering…

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10 Simple Ways to Reduce Business Energy Costs

May 7, 2017
Reduce Business Energy Costs

You may not think all that much about paying your electric bill every month. And if you do, well, that’s just the cost of doing business, right? Not necessarily. Take a moment to consider the energy you’re likely paying for that no one in your office is using, and you’ll definitely want to find smart…

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Infographic: Solar Technologies a Leader in Solar Energy Sustainability

May 5, 2017
Solar Energy Sustainability

Solar produces clean energy, but Solar Technologies by SunPower does more. We raise the bar for environmental and social responsibility by thoughtfully considering our products’ entire lifecycle and our interactions with our employees, customers and communities around the world. Today we release our latest sustainability report titled “Powering a Brighter Tomorrow: Our Progress Toward a Circular Economy in…

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Find Your Perfect Solar Match.

May 1, 2017
Choosing the best solar provider

The quality of the solar installer and equipment you select will directly affect your long-term savings and the solar system’s reliability. Picking the right combination and you’ll be setup for decades of success. Do Your Homework – Make sure you’re getting the best equipment and service from a trusted company. Look for a company with excellent…

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