How Solar Panels Work

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Providing solar power for commercial buildings isn’t as complicated as you might think. This infographic answers the question: How do solar panels work? It all starts with the renewable energy source that’s right above our heads: the sun. Onsite commercial solar power installations are made up of a few basic components that are very easy to understand. These components [...]

7 Types Of Renewable Energy To Support Commercial Sustainability

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Many private enterprises and public entities (e.g., government agencies and educational institutions) are looking for clean, renewable energy sources to meet their sustainable energy solution needs. The motivation can be financial, driven by regulatory mandates, a desire to be more socially responsible or all the above. Sustainable energy solutions are literally found in the air, deep [...]

A Quick Introduction To The Solar Investment Tax Credit

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The solar Investment Tax Credit, or solar ITC, is a federal incentive that can help eligible businesses offset their commercial solar system costs*. As part of the broader Business Energy Investment Tax Credit, the solar ITC can be a significant factor in helping companies determine if and when to go solar. The infographic below provides a high-level overview and also [...]

8 Things Sustainable Businesses Care About

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If you’ve wondered “What is sustainability?” when it comes to business, this infographic can help. It shows eight of the most common things companies focus on when they implement sustainable business practices. Business and sustainability can coexist. And businesses are finding that by focusing on corporate responsibility, they can also maintain a sustainable competitive advantage while [...]

The Triple Bottom Line: A Sustainable Model For Success

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The triple bottom line (TBL) framework is gaining popularity as more and more companies implement sustainable business strategies. Focusing on people, planet and profits—instead of just profits alone—can lead to a number of potentially unexpected benefits that extend beyond corporate social responsibility. This infographic provides a triple bottom line definition and explains how businesses are using it to measure [...]

9 Questions To Ask Potential Commercial Solar System Providers

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When you start considering something totally new and different for your business, like purchasing commercial solar systems and panels, you might not be sure where to start. What questions should you be asking? Who should you ask? How do you know if the answers you get are accurate, complete and unbiased? In other words, as with [...]

Big business takes lead in corporate renewable energy boom

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A growing number of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies are committing to corporate sustainability goals—leading to an upsurge of renewable energy in business. In a wide-ranging examination of the subject published by Greentech Media, large corporations in the U.S. are reportedly poised to be the most powerful advocates for clean energy on both a state and [...]

5 Misconceptions about the effects of weather on solar panels

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If you hail from the Mid-Atlantic region, home of the dreaded Nor’easter, you’ve probably wondered about the effects of extreme weather on solar panels. Makes sense—Nor’easters are not just storms. These radical weather events occur when the southbound polar jet stream meets the warm air from the oceanic Gulf Stream. It’s usually a violent occurrence. Kind [...]

California Is Leading The Charge To Solar Sustainability

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California is taking in leaps and bounds towards becoming the first state to require solar panels on newly constructed homes. Recently the California Energy Commission voted 5-0 to mandate the installation of solar panels on residential buildings up to three stories tall. This would be regulated and put into effect by the year 2020. This is [...]

How to go solar: Getting to solar panel installation in 8 steps

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In theory, you understand how photovoltaic (PV) solar systems work—silicon panels capture sunlight and turn it into electricity. But now you've finally got your organization talking about using solar power for business, so you need to know exactly how solar systems work in real life—i.e., What's it take to get solar panel installation rolling? How do [...]