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The Process

At Solar Technologies, we’ve perfected the art of turning your complex energy usage and rate schedule data into a simple proposal so you can evaluate solar power for your organization in a few short minutes. If you decide to move forward, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

1. Feasibility Analysis

We conduct a full feasibility study analyzing your historical electrical usage, load profiles, usage patterns, utility billing data and areas of inefficiency to determine if solar is right for your organization.

2. Design & Engineering

Our in-house team of experts custom design solar power systems based on our feasibility study and your facility, financial objectives, sustainability goals and the applicable building codes. We use industry leading modeling and design software to ensure the accuracy of our work.

3. Financing

Our consultants work with you to determine the best financing options based on some of the following objectives: immediate cash flow, long-term savings, system ownership, third-party ownership, tax appetite, etc. Once you decide if a loan, lease, PPA or cash purchase is best we competitively bid providers to get you the best rates.

4. Construction

Our experienced teams of highly trained PMs, superintendents, foreman, electricians and installers will coordinate with your staff to install your system in a safe and efficient manner with minimal impact to your facility.

5. Performance Monitoring

We provide real-time online monitoring to ensure that your solar power system is operating properly and generating reliable solar savings.

6. Maintenance & Support

At Solar Technologies we also have dedicated maintenance and support teams ready to service your system and keep it performing to its full potential.

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