The 4 Phases Of A Commercial Solar Panel Installation

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When you’re first investigating the possibility of implementing a commercial solar installation, the future looks bright. It’s exciting to think about the energy cost savings and the environmental and social benefits this clean, renewable resource will bring to your organization. But that’s someday, not today. At this point, having made a commitment to go solar, you’re [...]

Learn About Solar Carports And Solar Canopies

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Solar carports (also known as “solar canopies”) are an increasingly-popular type of onsite commercial solar installation. These versatile structures offer features that provide more than just long-term energy savings—including covered parking, solar parking lot lights and integrated vehicle charging stations. Watch and see if a commercial solar panel carport might be the right solution for your [...]

Home Solar Panel Maintenance Tips

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“Don’t solar panels need a lot of maintenance?” Solar Technologies gets this question from homeowners regularly, and it’s understandable given that no one wants to worry about climbing up on a roof to care for their solar panels. Solar panels work by converting sunlight into electricity, so the cleaner your panels are, the more efficiently they’ll be able [...]

Solar Project Helps YMCA of San Diego County Offer More Services

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The YMCA has happily discovered what many other school, nonprofit and government solar customers know well: When you save money with solar, your organization can pass on those savings to the public by expanding services. The YMCA of San Diego County, which recently had nearly 2.5 megawatts of SunPower® solar installed across six of its campuses, plans [...]

Choosing Solar Technologies and Start Saving

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Choose Solar Technologies and enjoy the innumerable advantages of going solar. Solar Technologies is a company which over the years has helped customers with the very best solar equipment installation and support services. Their residential solar panels are of superior quality greater solar savings. With solar power system, you would be able to enjoy the benefits [...]

Investment in Solar Plants Defines Effeciency

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We all know that the demand for energy and energy production is increasing day by day. All the companies are in a race and are trying to produce the most amount of energy while coming up with better technologies for it. There are many sources of energy. Some can be directly utilized while others may have [...]

Get Longer Solar Panel Lifespan With SunPower

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Wondering how long solar panels last? Solar panel life expectancy relies on the solar cells inside. In this solar cell comparison video, we line up a SunPower® cell against a conventional cell to test which breaks first under stress. If you want a longer solar panel lifespan, choose SunPower.   Learn more facts about solar technology.  This post [...]

More Auto Dealerships Choosing Solar Energy

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Auto dealerships may not pop to mind first when you think of a business type that’s likely to rely on renewable energy. But it turns out that solar is a natural fit for this type of enterprise. In fact, many dealerships have discovered that photovoltaic (PV) solar systems can help them save money. Controlling energy costs [...]

New Location In Campbell, CA

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SunPower by Solar Technologies, a SunPower Master Dealer in Northern California, announces the opening of a third location in Campbell, CA. Bringing Solar Expertise and Local, Personalized Customer Service to Campbell Homeowners Campbell, CA, August 16, 2018 – Solar Technologies, a Bay Area based solar dealer, has added a third location to serve homeowners in the [...]

Video: The Three Most Common Types of Commercial Solar Installations

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When people think of solar energy they likely picture solar panels on a rooftop, but did you know that you have a choice when it comes to where you install solar panels for your home or business to generate electricity? In this video we take a look at three of the most common types of onsite commercial solar installations, some of [...]