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What’s the Best Orientation and Angle to Install My Solar Panels?

By Shannon Hughes | September 20, 2022

If you’re thinking about installing solar panels on your roof, you might be surprised at how many variables can affect…

An Overview Of SunVault Storage: SunPower’s Home Battery Solution

By Shannon Hughes | September 19, 2022

SunPower is well-known for its top-notch solar panels that help you save money on your utility bills and reduce fossil…

Top 4 Differences Between Microinverters & Power Optimizers

By Shannon Hughes | September 16, 2022

Inverters are an important part of any solar panel system. Your panels convert sunlight into electricity and inverters allow you…

Can You Go Off-Grid With SunVault Home Battery Storage?

By Shannon Hughes | September 12, 2022

With an increasing number of power outages across the U.S. and devastating wildfires in California causing blackouts, millions of homeowners…

15 Energy Saving Strategies for Your Home

By Shannon Hughes | September 9, 2022

When it comes to energy efficiency, it’s ideal to do more with less. Energy conservation means using less energy to…

5 Ways Switching To An Electric Vehicle Can Save You Money

By Shannon Hughes | September 5, 2022

With rising inflation, high gas prices and increasing food prices, many Americans are looking for more ways to save. Transportation…

The Inflation Reduction Act: Everything You Need To Know

By Shannon Hughes | August 31, 2022

President Biden recently signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law on August 16, 2022. The $700 billion bill is…

SunVault Home Battery Warranty Review

By Shannon Hughes | August 24, 2022

Home batteries store the excess energy produced by your solar panels to use at night, on cloudy days or during…

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Questions to Ask a Solar Company Before You Sign a Contract

By Shannon Hughes | August 22, 2022

If you’ve done your research and decided to power your home with solar energy, it’s time to set appointments with…

Solar Industry News

How to Avoid Solar Scams

By Shannon Hughes | January 7, 2022

A growing number of people are eager to learn more about solar energy and find out what kind of savings it can provide. Unfortunately, many con artists understand this well and have designed schemes that can turn the dreams of residential solar power into a nightmare for some homeowners. Unlike buying a car or a…


Does Going Solar Increase Your Property Value?

By Shannon Hughes | December 30, 2021

In 2020 California became the first state to require solar panels be installed on all new homes,  but one question still remains for homeowners: does the cost of installing solar pay off? Adding a solar energy system to your home is an excellent investment for most homeowners. Harvesting the power of the sun can help…


“Is It Hard to Transfer a Solar Lease?” (And Other Common Questions About Buying a Home with Solar Energy)

By Shannon Hughes | December 10, 2021

Anyone in the market for a new home can tell you the search process is both exciting and nerve-racking. Between location, school district, lot size, HOA fees and property taxes there’s a lot to consider. But what if that unicorn of a home finally pops up in your search results and it has solar on…

Top 3 Solar Power Questions Homeowners Want Answered

By Shannon Hughes | November 20, 2021

Solar Advisors often take calls from homeowners interested in solar. As you might imagine, questions range from the informational “How does solar work?” to the more complex “How efficient are SunPower’s solar panels?”. The following are some of the most popular questions the team fields from those looking to go solar, save money on their energy…

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Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

By Shannon Hughes | November 6, 2021

Ever wondered what the two most common reasons are for home and business owners to go solar? The first is the financial benefit, of course. With California’s generous benefits and incentives for going solar plus financing options for $0 down, there’s plenty of ways to save with solar.  The second most common reason is the…

5 Ways to a More Energy Efficient Home

By Shannon Hughes | October 25, 2021

When it comes to purchasing a home, one of the first things most buyers look into is the home’s energy efficiency. Rising utility rates and weather trends often make this an important factor when trying to find the right place to settle. Not only is efficiency important when a house goes on the market, it…


Generators vs. Solar Batteries: Which is the Better Backup?

By Shannon Hughes | October 12, 2021

A well-designed solar system can meet the majority of the electricity needs for a homeowner, but there are times when power needs to be pulled from the grid. While many energy providers give the option of net metering to cover the cost of electricity used from the local power company, it’s not available to all solar homeowners. Having a…

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Is your home a good fit for solar?

By Shannon Hughes | September 30, 2021

With so many solar installations throughout the Bay Area and California, many people have a general idea of what is needed to qualify for solar. The obvious qualifiers are homeowners who live in a single-family, stand-alone home  with a south-facing roof that gets plenty of sunlight and very little shade throughout the day. If this…

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Six Questions to Ask when Choosing a Local Solar Installer

By Shannon Hughes | September 8, 2021

Solar energy is a flourishing industry. Since 2010, solar has grown an average of 42% a year. It’s understandable that there are now more new home solar installation companies than ever and all are claiming to be the best. That can make picking one for your home solar project intimidating. This is likely one of…

Streamlined Solar Permitting with SolarAPP+ Brings Clean Energy to Our Customers Faster

By Shannon Hughes | August 31, 2021

Our Director of Residential Solar, Kyle Severns, recently attended an event to introduce the Solar Automated Permit Processing (SolarAPP+) platform, an innovative and efficient software that can run compliance checks and process building permit approvals for rooftop solar systems.  Approvals usually take a week and sometimes longer depending on the system size and other factors.…