15 03, 2017

Breaking Down Commercial Solar Panel Costs

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If you've ever considered taking your business solar, but were worried by the cost, you may find yourself in luck. The price of solar panels has absolutely crashed over the last year, a reduction in price enabled by both advancing technology and economies of scale. As it stands, commercial solar panel costs now put renewable energy [...]

13 03, 2017

Bay Area Residents Act Now To Claim Your Solar Energy Tax Credit.

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Solar Technologies a Bay Area leader in Solar Panel Systems wants to remind California residence that if they’re thinking about switching to solar, the time to act is now before the solar energy tax credit incentive expires. “The solar energy tax credit allows a homeowner to reduce the amount of income tax that they would otherwise [...]

10 03, 2017

How To Get Your Solar Energy Tax Credit.

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There are a lot of good reasons to go solar. Many Bay Area homeowners have a solar system installed to protect themselves and their families against rising energy rates. While it is difficult to forecast exactly how much electricity costs will rise, or how quickly, one thing is certain – they will go up. Conversely, an [...]

8 03, 2017

3 Ways Going Solar Changes Your Life

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You know that a solar energy system will change how you power your home. But have you taken the time to think about the ways solar will change your life? There May Be Financial Rewards As soon as your solar system for your home is turned on, you start generating your own electricity from the sun. [...]

3 03, 2017

How Much Can I Save With Solar?

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For 19 years we've helped Bay Area home and business owners save big with solar. With the price of electricity in California, a solar installation is going to save you a bunch depending on the following factors. Size of your current utility bill How much sun exposure you get on your roof. South facing roofs supply [...]

28 02, 2017

10 Questions to Shed Light on Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)

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Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) are a specialized form of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that allow organizations to track—and potentially profit from—the amount of clean, renewable energy produced by commercial solar power systems. SRECs exist in states that have specific mandates for generating solar energy. The more electricity produced, the more Solar Renewable Energy Credits issued. [...]

2 02, 2017


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Solar Technologies a Bay Area leader in solar panel installations, announced today the launch of their new state-of-the-art http://solartechnologies.com website. “Our new site content rich has been designed to help both residential and business solar customers through every step of the purchase process,” said Jeff Parr, Owner of Solar Technologies, “After 18 years of solar installation, [...]

12 12, 2016

Shop The Logo & Save!

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Solar Technologies is excited to team up with our long-time partner, Think Local First of Santa Cruz to promote the “Shop the Logo” campaign and shopping local in the month of December.  As part of the campaign, Solar Technologies will be offering $1,000 off the purchase of a SunPower system installation between 12/1 and 12/31!  No [...]

16 11, 2016

Going Solar? What Type of Panels Should You Choose?

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Some solar companies say the type of panels on your roof doesn’t matter because you are only buying the energy they produce. But when you’re making such an important investment in your home — whether you lease your solar system or buy it — quality and performance are still important. Efficiency is an important measurement of [...]