Solar Industry News

Six Questions to Ask when Choosing a Local Solar Installer

September 8, 2021
Home with solar power

Solar energy is a flourishing industry. Since 2010, solar has grown an average of 42% a year. It’s understandable that there are now more new home solar installation companies than ever and all are claiming to be the best. That can make picking one for your home solar project intimidating. This is likely one of…

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Streamlined Solar Permitting with SolarAPP+ Brings Clean Energy to Our Customers Faster

August 31, 2021

Our Director of Residential Solar, Kyle Severns, recently attended an event to introduce the Solar Automated Permit Processing (SolarAPP+) platform, an innovative and efficient software that can run compliance checks and process building permit approvals for rooftop solar systems.  Approvals usually take a week and sometimes longer depending on the system size and other factors.…

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How Does Home Battery Storage + Solar Work?

July 1, 2021
SunVault Battery

With constant technological advancements and innovations in the solar industry and developments in home battery storage, like the Tesla Powerwall and SunPower SunVault™, each new product is designed to make life easier for homeowners.   Battery storage can complement your home solar energy system, which utilizes solar panels to harness energy from the sun and…

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How Does Net Metering Impact Solar Customers in California?

April 15, 2021
California Net Metering Graphic

California utility companies, like PG&E, Edison and Sempra, want to enact drastic changes to the Net Energy Metering (NEM) program that would negatively impact current and future home and business owners who want to go solar. In some cases, rooftop solar may be five times more expensive than it is today.  Not only is this…

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SunPower Home Solar Warranty Protects Your Investment

March 13, 2021

Putting solar panels on your roof is not only about saving money with clean energy. You’re making a major home upgrade that will benefit your household for decades. Why not protect that investment with the industry’s best all-in-one warranty? While shopping for home solar panels you shouldn’t assume all solar companies or all solar warranties…

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Proud to be Named SunPower’s “2020 Commercial National Top Producer of the Year”

February 18, 2021
solar technologies social award

SunPower held its annual dealer conference this month and Solar Technologies was awarded for having the highest shipment volume of commercial panels in the United States. Named “Commercial National Top Producer of the Year,” our team is honored to be recognized for our achievements and perseverance. While 2020 was a difficult year with the pandemic,…

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The Solar Incentive Tax Credit Was Extended!

February 10, 2021
Residential Solar with Pool

It will be time to do your 2020 taxes before you know it, and it’s important to stay abreast of how current tax law changes could impact your financial situation. Did you know that there’s a federal tax credit for going solar? Fortunately the recently approved federal spending program extended the federal investment tax credit…

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Your Northern California Home Battery + Solar Solution

January 28, 2021
SunVault Battery

Northern California’s 2020 wildfire season was historically devastating, and we know San Francisco Bay Area residents are all too familiar with the related PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoffs. Don’t wait for rolling blackouts to figure out how to prepare your home and family to survive without electricity. Add a home solar system with storage now,…

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How to Clean Home Solar Panels

August 19, 2020
Cleaning Solar panels

  Solar panels produce electricity by capturing the sun’s rays. If a panel’s surface is obscured by an accumulation of dust or debris, the solar energy system won’t be able to operate at its maximum efficiency. Fortunately, we exclusively sell SunPower Equinox solar systems, which are known to be the most efficient you can buy.…

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Energy Storage Equals ON Demand Power

July 12, 2020
Benefits of Home Solar Battery

  California’s wildfire season is expected to arrive earlier than normal this year due to drought conditions and the impacts of global warming, and that means we’re likely in for another round of PG&E’s preventative Public Safety Power Shutoffs. During last year’s fire season Public Safety Power Shutoffs left as many as a million people…

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