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solar panels on homes Increase Home Value

How Solar and Battery Storage Systems Increase Home Value in California

By Solar Technologies | June 22, 2024

In the quest for energy efficiency and sustainability, California homeowners are increasingly turning to solar and battery storage systems. Beyond…

Residential Solar

Step-by-Step Guide: Installing Solar Panels and Battery Storage in Your Bay Area Home

By Solar Technologies | June 19, 2024

Harnessing the power of the sun can significantly reduce your energy bills, increase your home’s value, and contribute to a…

Renewable Energy Trends: Solar and Battery Storage In 2024

By Solar Technologies | June 15, 2024

In 2024, renewable energy trends, particularly in solar and battery storage, are set to revolutionize how we harness and use…

Explore the Benefits of Solar Energy in the San Francisco Bay Area

By Solar Technologies | June 10, 2024

As a homeowner in the California Bay Area, you’ve likely noticed the upward trend in energy costs. This steady increase…

Solar Roof Installation

How to Choose a Solar Panel Installer: Your Comprehensive Guide

By Solar Technologies | June 5, 2024

Making the decision to install solar panels is an exciting step toward reducing energy costs and embracing renewable energy. However,…

Maximizing Savings: How Solar Panels Can Drastically Reduce Your Electric Bill

By Solar Technologies | May 29, 2024

In an age where environmental sustainability and financial prudence intersect, solar energy emerges as a powerful solution. If you are…

The Advantages of California Home Solar Energy Systems in 2024: The Future is Radiant

By Solar Technologies | May 22, 2024

Climate change remains a significant global concern that impacts us all. Many countries are actively working to reduce greenhouse gas…

commercial solar panels

Commercial Solar Panels: Costs & Benefits

By Solar Technologies | May 20, 2024

Introduction As the world increasingly shifts its focus towards sustainable energy solutions, commercial solar panels are becoming a pivotal component…

Solar Industry

Can I Install Solar Panels Myself?

By Solar Technologies | May 18, 2024

More Bay Area homeowners are turning to solar to reduce their electricity bills and embrace clean energy. This has also…

Solar Industry News

Key indicators to help you evaluate commercial solar investment success

By p15 | October 8, 2017

Organizations making a commercial solar investment are often motivated by lower energy bills, tax incentives, or other sustainable energy goals. But what is the best way to measure a program’s success in hitting these targets? A recent article published by Solar Power World notes five key performance indicators (KPIs) that can help organizations evaluate how much value a new solar…

Solar Calculator

Your Guide to Solar Calculators

By p15 | October 5, 2017

There are numerous factors that affect the cost and production capacity of your residential or commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) system, from tax credits and rebates to weather conditions that change your system’s efficiency and output. This means your solar savings can vary greatly depending on your location, roof size, battery storage options, the size of…

Reduce Business Energy Costs

Renewable energy procurement trends: the curse and the boom

By p15 | October 2, 2017

By most accounts, signs are pointing to an explosion in corporate renewable energy procurement. A recent article published by Green Tech Media summarizes these positive trends as well as a cautionary note about what could slow renewable energy demand. Increased adoption of corporate sustainability goals is cited as one indicator pointing to an expansion of the corporate renewables market.  (There are…

Renewable Energy

7 Ways Renewable Energy Can Power Our World

By p15 | September 28, 2017

Have you been wondering what “renewable energy” really means? Renewable energy solutions are literally found in the air, deep underground and in our oceans. Here’s a look at seven renewable energy sources that can be tapped directly or indirectly to help our world go green and fight global warming. From Living Things to Electricity Bioenergy is…

Solar battery storage could increase savings for over 25% of commercial utility customers

By p15 | September 25, 2017

A new study suggests nearly 5 million commercial utility customers in the U.S. are at a financial tipping point that could make adding solar battery storage a good option. At this point in the evolution of energy storage technology, the most sensible application for installing a storage system is when customers are subject to relatively…



By p15 | September 22, 2017

Solar Technologies, a Bay Area leader in solar panel technology, announced today that homeowners and business owners should take advantage of the federal solar energy tax credit while they still can. “There’s no better time than the present to invest in solar,” said Jeff Parr, owner of Solar Technologies. “Although solar energy is becoming more…

A new way to market (and realize) the benefits of sustainability

By p15 | September 18, 2017

Companies exploring how to improve brand reputation may be tempted to simply highlight the benefits of sustainability as reflected in their products (or services). But how effective is this approach to actually gaining new customers? Or helping the environment? According to a recent article published by BSR (Business for Social Responsibility), marketing sustainability should be more nuanced and…

Patio of home with a SunPower solar array

How Solar Energy Can Help the Whole Power Grid

By p15 | September 15, 2017

People who are new to how residential solar power works often ask these two questions: What happens when my solar panels generate more electricity than I use during daylight hours? How do I power my home when the sun isn’t shining? Most grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) solar systems today have no way of storing the electricity…

Ramar Foods International solar powered lit parking lot

Choosing the right solar design for your organization

By p15 | September 13, 2017

Introduction As you begin your solar planning process, you may have many questions about which type of commercial solar design would be most suitable for your organization. Is a commercial rooftop solar system or a ground-mounted system more effective? Or is a solar carport a better option? It’s important to carefully evaluate your organization’s property…

SunPower HELIX Roof Image

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need: Panel Size and Output Factors

By p15 | September 10, 2017

Determining how many solar panels you’ll need for your home means first knowing what your goals are. Do you want to minimize your carbon footprint?  Maximize your return on your investment? Save as much money as possible?  Most people want to save money while minimizing their environmental impact. To calculate how many solar panels you…