How to improve your board of directors’ corporate sustainability I.Q.

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Company “annual meeting season” is the perfect time for organizations to evaluate how well corporate sustainability is being addressed... or how much more attention is required. Most corporations recognize that ignoring renewable energy goals is not an option. But many others still may not know what they don’t know. A recent article published by GreenBiz suggests it is up to a well-informed board of [...]

Is commercial solar right for your organization?

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If you’re thinking about investing in a new commercial solar panel installation, you’re in good company. Private businesses, public entities (like government agencies), and educational institutions of all shapes and sizes benefit from this clean, renewable source of electricity every day.  But is a commercial solar system the right solution for you? Answering the questions [...]

Energy production in developing world reshaped by benefits of solar power

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From Peru to Punjab, the benefits of solar power energy in the developing world are helping to reshape national views on renewable energy development. An article in The Economist highlights the recent expansion of global solar capacity due to an increase in solar panel installations. It cites several examples that illustrate how solar power is “hitting its stride” across [...]

Solar is trending as a top renewable energy investment worldwide

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For the first time, global energy markets in many parts of the developing world are registering solar power as the cheapest form of new electricity for renewable energy investment opportunities. The milestone is noteworthy as these lower solar prices do not include government subsidies or other financial support. This trending reduction in the price of solar [...]

Using people power to reach energy efficiency goals in business

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Working toward energy efficiency is most successful when approached collectively. While energy managers may head the team exploring how to reduce energy costs in business, it’s an overall group effort that yields the best results. That’s the overarching message in a recent article published by Smart Energy Decisions, which describes how increasing employee engagement improves the chances of reaching corporate [...]

The ever-evolving benefits of commercial solar adoption

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In the not-so-distant past, the main benefit of commercial solar adoption was rooted in affecting environmental change. Early photovoltaic (PV) technology adopters saw it as a potential solution to what had become a global energy crisis.  And for that, they were called hippies, tree-huggers and any number of pejorative environmentalist monikers. But they didn’t care. They [...]

The advantages and disadvantages of businesses going solar

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Making the decision to go solar isn’t something you do in a day. And it certainly shouldn’t be done without a thorough evaluation and careful assessment of both the pros and cons. To help get you started, we’ve put together three of the top advantages—and disadvantages—of pursuing a path toward investing in a commercial solar energy [...]

Understanding the essential relationship between water and energy production

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“Without enough water, you can’t have power; without enough power, you can’t have water.” The relationship between water and energy production is extremely close and co-dependent. It takes a massive amount of water to generate energy, and it takes a huge quantity of energy to process water that can be utilized by humans for drinking and [...]

Is fossil fuel divestment at a financial tipping point for energy investors?

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As the cost of renewable energy becomes more competitive with fossil fuel cost, it may be the perfect time for fossil fuel divestment (aka divestiture). An article in The Guardian argues that energy investors could be at a tipping point when it comes to investment in renewables. Historically, the case for corporate sustainability has focused on improving public perception [...]

The net environmental impact of solar power: Is it helping or hurting?

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At the individual installation level, it's rather obvious that commercial solar energy systems have positive impact on the environment—instead of using electricity generated by fossil fuels, your business utilizes clean, renewable energy from a limitless resource (the sun). But a recent article in The Atlantic takes a step back and evaluates solar as a whole, presenting [...]