6 04, 2017

How to Buy Solar Panels: FAQs About Solar Financing

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Many homeowners who are interested in going solar aren’t sure whether they can afford it and may not be aware that there are several ways to finance a new home solar system. In the past, purchasing a home solar system might have required a full, upfront payment or a home equity loan. But these days there [...]

4 04, 2017

Understanding Commercial Solar Financing Options: Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

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Is your organization considering going solar? Are you investigating different commercial solar financing options? A solar power purchase agreement (PPA) may be a viable choice. Here are four questions organizations often ask about solar PPAs to help decide if this financing option is right for their needs: What is a solar [...]

1 04, 2017

Solar Tax Credit Extended.

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There's Still Time To Save. Originally planned to expire following 2016, the 30% federal solar tax credit was recently extended through 2019.  Homeowners can claim a 30% tax credit on their investment in solar by filling out IRS form 5695 for the tax year in which the system was installed.  Take advantage of this huge incentive [...]

29 03, 2017

What Are Solar Panels Made Of?

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Whether it’s the food we consume, the beauty products we wear or the technology we use, consumers want to know what exactly these things are made of. We seek confidence that what we’re buying is safe for ourselves, our families and the environment. Solar shoppers are no different. For consumers and those in the building industry, [...]

28 03, 2017

8 Things Sustainable Businesses Care About

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If you’ve wondered “What is sustainability?” when it comes to business, this infographic can help. It shows eight of the most common things companies focus on when they implement sustainable business practices. Business and sustainability can coexist. And businesses are finding that by focusing on corporate responsibility, they can also maintain a sustainable competitive advantage while [...]

24 03, 2017

5 Tips To Picking The Best Solar Company

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With the rising costs of electricity, many home and business owners are moving toward alternative sources of energy to power their homes, businesses, and cars. Last year, the average monthly Bay Area electricity bill was $250 per home. Over the next 25 years that adds up to nearly $150,000 for electricity alone. To ensure that going [...]

22 03, 2017

Vote Solar’s Annual Celebration & Fundraiser

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Solar Technologies is a SunPower Master dealer and one of the Bay Area’s leading providers of state-of-the-art solar power systems. Since 1998 they’ve installed over 75,000 solar panels for residential, commercial, and industrial clients, helping them save thousands annually on electric bills. To maximize the amount of energy you receive from every drop of sunshine, it’s [...]

21 03, 2017


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Solar Technologies, a Bay Area leader in solar panel systems, urges Bay Area homeowners to think twice before selecting a solar company. The quality of the solar installer and equipment will directly affect the system’s reliability and a homeowner’s long-term savings. “We often hear about California solar companies trying to pressure customers into acting fast on [...]

20 03, 2017

It’s Easy To Pay For Your Solar System.

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Last week, Green Tech Media reported that for the first time in years, more new solar customers chose ownership of their system over a solar lease. Why are so many solar customers choosing to own their solar system, and which way is right for you?  Let’s look at the four most common ways to go solar. [...]

17 03, 2017

What is a Carbon Footprint?

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The arrival of a new year usually has everyone resolving to shed excess things and start anew. Maybe it’s pounds gained from holiday indulgences. Maybe it’s sheer “stuff,” extra possessions that seem to have multiplied after a season of gift exchanges. While kicking off 2017 with promises to eat healthy or live more simply is a [...]