SunPower Customers Among Top 10 U.S. Companies Going Solar

The Solar Energy Industries Association today released its fourth annual Solar Means Business report, and a number of SunPower corporate customers top the list of U.S. companies that have installed the most solar.

According to SEIA, there has been a 59 percent increase in corporate and business solar installations since 2014, and a 183 percent increase since the first Solar Means Business report was published four years ago.

SunPower congratulates our commercial business solar partners, including Walmart, No. 1 on the list. As part of their efforts to increase their energy efficiency and help the environment, these companies have chosen to install clean, emission-free solar power.

Here’s an excerpt from a chart created by SEIA showing how top companies with solar rank in terms of installed megawatts. Of these Top 10, six have worked with SunPower.

To compare how much solar energy this represents, a 3-kilowatt residential solar system might generate enough power for an average-sized home, depending on energy needs and amount of sunlight received. One megawatt is equal to 1,000 kilowatts.

Visit SEIA to read the full report. This post originally appeared on the SunPower Resources Blog

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