Investment in Solar Plants Defines Effeciency

We all know that the demand for energy and energy production is increasing day by day. All the companies are in a race and are trying to produce the most amount of energy while coming up with better technologies for it.

There are many sources of energy. Some can be directly utilized while others may have to be converted into usable source. Hydropower, the electricity produced from water, used to be the most widely used energy. But hydropower faces problems such as the fluctuations in water levels. Now solar technologies and solar energy are the most widely used and a rapidly developing industry.

Advantages and Limitations in a contrast:

It is a fact that there are many advantages to solar power. But, a story must be heard from both sides. So, it is necessary to know about the limitations of this amazing system as well.

  1. The first advantage is that it is renewable. It is produced from sunlight, therefor an unlimited recourse. The initial cost of solar power set up is high. It includes solar plates, inverters, batteries and cables which are required for larger systems.
  2. The use of solar power reduces an electricity bill. Appliances utilizing solar heat work for a long time and reduce the use of electricity from other sources. The only problem with this is that it relies on the weather. Since, the light of the sun is basically the source of heat, the capability to work decrease as the light is not strong enough.
  3. Solar power has various applications such as distillation of water, water heating, charging satellites in space and most importantly production of electricity. While it is multipurpose, storing the solar energy during the night is expensive. Batteries can become quite pricey.
  4.  It has low maintenance costs. Once the solar energy system is set up, it does not require heavy maintenance and can operate continuously for around 20-23 years. On the other hand, the whole set up requires a lot of space. It also depends on the amount of energy one wants to produce. The more energy required, the larger solar plates, inverters and batteries will be needed.

Even after all the above-mentioned limitations, it has proved to be efficient and comparatively low price to traditional energy.

The set up:solar panel installation

The main requirement for solar energy is the solar panels. The panels trap the sunlight and then transfer it through the inverter. These panels are call photovoltaic panels, which specialize in trapping this power.

This set has high costs and requires lots of space. There are many companies that install these setups around the world. Due to the heavy installation costs, solar tax credits are here to the rescue. With these tax credits, the customers can deduct up to 30% of the installation charges from their federal taxes.

Large solar instillations are used to power houses, hotels, malls, showrooms, universities, offices and big agencies like NASA. Such places require electricity all the time.


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