How Much Does it Cost to Charge a Tesla With Solar?

As an eco-conscious Tesla owner, you might have noticed a slight uptick in your electricity bills. While the switch from a gasoline vehicle to an electric car has undoubtedly saved you money, you might be contemplating ways to further decrease your electricity costs. One of the best ways to achieve this is to leverage the power of the sun through solar energy. So, what does it cost to charge a Tesla with solar? In this article, we’ll discuss the costs associated with charging a Tesla with solar power, the energy required, and other important information about the Tesla Powerwall and solar storage solutions.

Can Solar Power Charge Your Tesla?

Yes, you can charge your Tesla with solar power! Utilizing solar energy to power an electric vehicle (EV) like a Tesla is an excellent strategy to save even more money in the long-term and take another significant step towards a fully electrified home

If you’re already a proud Tesla owner but don’t have solar panels installed, certified solar companies like Solar Technologies can size your new home solar system to accommodate the additional electricity generation needed to charge your Tesla. If you’re planning to install solar panels and purchase a Tesla in the future, make sure you communicate this to your installer. This information will help them appropriately size and design your solar system to meet your anticipated energy needs.

How Much Does it Cost to Charge a Tesla with Solar?

Charging a Tesla using grid electricity typically costs between $9.62 and $18.30, based on the national average cost of electricity. However, if you’re generating your own electricity through your solar panel system, that cost drops significantly once you’ve recouped your initial investment.

Initial Investment

To charge your Tesla with solar, you’ll have to install or expand your home’s solar system and purchase an EV charger. With its compatibility and ease of use, the Tesla Wall Connector is the best choice for Tesla owners.

The average cost of a solar system installation in California is $20,498. If you’re planning on charging an EV with your solar system, you’ll need to add approximately eight additional solar panels, costing around $1,480, bringing the total cost of your solar system installation to about $21,978.

The Tesla Wall Connector costs around $400, and the installation cost, performed by a licensed and experienced electrician, is about $1,200. However, the specific characteristics of your home, such as the configuration of your electrical panel, the layout of your floor plan, and the existing wiring, may require more electrical work or wiring adjustments, which could lead to an increase in your installation and setup expenses. As a low-end estimate, the total upfront cost associated with charging your Tesla with solar will cost about $23,178.

Charging With Solar

Once you’ve installed your solar system and home EV charger, you can start charging your Tesla with solar. The best part? Once you start to power your Tesla with clean, renewable solar energy, it’ll be virtually free!

The number of charging cycles you complete in a year will determine how quickly you can start charging your Tesla with solar energy at no cost. Typically, with regular usage, you could be harnessing the power of the sun to fuel your Tesla for free in under eight years.

Energy Requirements for Charging a Tesla

The amount of energy required to charge a Tesla depends on several factors, including the model of the Tesla, the efficiency of your solar panels and where your home is located.

To compare electric vehicles (EVs) and conventional cars, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) measures the kilowatt-hours (kWh) needed for an EV to cover a distance of 100 miles, which is then equated to miles per gallon (MPG) in traditional vehicles.

As a result, the kWh required to charge your Tesla is contingent on the distance you intend to travel. For example, a round trip of 25 miles might consume roughly 17 kWh of energy, whereas a quick trip in town to run errands could require as little as two to three kWh.

Pairing the Tesla Powerwall With Solar and a Tesla

If the idea of a combined solar and storage system appeals to you, particularly with the added benefit of backup power during power outages, you might consider integrating your solar setup with a Tesla Powerwall.

The Powerwall, when you factor in the installation expenses, the total cost for a complete Powerwall system typically ranges from $12,000 to $16,500 – or more depending on how many you want or need – prior to any tax credits or rebates.


Charging your Tesla with solar power is a game-changer in the world of home energy storage and solar power. This combination not only provides peace of mind during power outages, but it also makes your home more sustainable for years to come.

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