Bay Area Residents Act Now To Claim Your Solar Energy Tax Credit.

Solar Technologies a Bay Area leader in Solar Panel Systems wants to remind California residence that if they’re thinking about switching to solar, the time to act is now before the solar energy tax credit incentive expires.

“The solar energy tax credit allows a homeowner to reduce the amount of income tax that they would otherwise have to pay the federal government,” said Jeff Parr, Owner of Solar Technologies, “Today this credit is good for 30 percent of homeowner’s investment in their solar system, including solar panels, a charge converter, battery, and inverter, but only for the next three years. The credit will drop to 26 percent in 2020, and 22 percent in 2021. After 2021, the solar energy tax credit for residential customers will be eliminated entirely.”

While there is a chance the credit could be extended, many homeowners considering solar are planning to install their systems within the next few years to take advantage of the credit.

“There are a lot of good reasons to go solar.” Said Mr. Parr, “Many of our Bay Area homeowners have a solar system installed to protect themselves and their families against rising energy rates. While it is difficult to forecast exactly how much electricity costs will rise, or how quickly, one thing is certain – they will go up.”

An investment in a solar system not only decreases or even entirely eliminate monthly electricity costs, it can also increase the property value of a home. A third and very important financial incentive is the federal government’s generous solar energy tax credit.

Solar Technologies is one of the Bay Area’s leading providers of state-of-the-art solar power systems. Since 1998 they’ve installed over 75,000 solar panels for residential, commercial, and industrial clients helping them save thousands annually on their electric bill.

“In addition to the financial benefits of the solar energy tax credit, many people choose to go solar because they feel solar energy is a more environmentally responsible solution,” said Mr. Parr. “Solar energy is both sustainable and renewable. Solar energy provides a zero-emission way to power homes and appliances, heat water, and refuel electric vehicles.”

With buildings accounting for 38 percent of all carbon emissions in the U.S., going solar can significantly decrease our carbon footprint. “A typical residential solar panel system will eliminate three to four tons of carbon emissions each year—the equivalent of planting over 100 trees annually.” Said Mr. Parr.

Going solar is not only a great way to go green, but taking advantage of the solar energy tax credit — before it expires — is a great way to save some green. To find out how you can save with solar, visit one of California’s leading solar companies at, and make 2017 the year you go green.


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