Going Solar

Is My House a Good Candidate for Solar?

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If you’re thinking about going solar, you’re probably wondering: Is solar cost effective? Is my roof suitable for solar panels? Will solar energy generate enough electricity to power my home? Who makes the best solar panels? But first, it's important to explore if solar panels for your home make sense. Here are some key questions we ask anyone [...]

A Complete Guide to 7 Renewable Energy Sources

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What is Renewable Energy and How Does It Work? Have you been wondering what “renewable energy” really means? Renewable energy sources are literally found in sunlight, in the air, deep underground and in our oceans. They are part of the planet’s physical structure, which means they are constantly being renewed by natural means. They simply cannot run out. [...]

Adding Solar Can Increase Your Home Value

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Did you know that installing a home solar system is an economic decision that can potentially improve your family’s financial position? Home solar not only can reduce or eliminate your electric bill, adding a photovoltaic (PV) solar system to a house is almost always a good real estate investment and may contribute to increasing home values by [...]

Clean Power Plan: How Solar Energy is a Cornerstone to Success

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The landmark Clean Power Plan by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, heralded as our nation’s most ambitious effort to combat climate change, highlights how uniquely positioned the solar industry is to help transition the country to a new clean energy future. Solar power is mainstream today. It's cost competitive, abundant and easily installed. It’s creating jobs and stimulating the economy.Solar is [...]

6 Tips to Find the Perfect Solar Installer

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Solar is a booming industry. New companies and contractors are popping up every day to get in on the action. If you use Yelp to search for “solar installation” in the San Francisco Bay area, you’ll get nearly 500 results. With hundreds of hit or miss options, what’s next? Let’s narrow down the field of potential [...]

SunPower Solar Warranty FAQs

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Our Solar Technologies  Complete Confidence Warranty. Today, we answer all of your questions about the industry's best  solar warranty. Q. What’s the advantage of a single warranty on the whole system all from one manufacturer? A. A working solar system is composed of many components that work together to turn sunlight into usable power for your home. When you buy a Solar [...]

How to Buy Solar Panels: FAQs About Solar Financing

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Many homeowners who are interested in going solar aren’t sure whether they can afford it and may not be aware that there are several ways to finance a new home solar system. In the past, purchasing a home solar system might have required a full, upfront payment or a home equity loan. But these days there are [...]

Solar Technologies Joins New U.S. Solar Panel Recycling Program

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As world leaders and clean energy innovators work to address climate change, it’s no longer enough for us to simply do less: to drive less, buy less and discard less. Rather it’s up to us to do more: to go above and beyond to effect lasting, positive change for the health of our planet and the [...]

Beautiful Green Homes Designed With Solar

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 Whether you’re building a new environmentally sustainable solar-powered home or making your existing abode more energy efficient, we recognize the importance of curb appeal. That’s why Solar Technologies takes a fundamentally different approach to how we design and engineer complete solar energy solutions.  Even with 70 percent fewer visible parts,1 our solar systems deliver 70 percent more energy [...]

Collaboration Is Key to Our Solar Future

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Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” By all accounts, we’ve witnessed the best of multi-stakeholder collaboration when it comes to developing long-term strategies that promote clean energy adoption. The COP21 agreement and bipartisan extension of the U.S. Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar and wind [...]