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How Much Does A Tesla Powerwall Cost?

By Shannon Hughes | December 16, 2022

Introduction When many people hear about the Tesla Powerwall home battery for the first time, the solution and benefits sound great, but the next question is often: how much does it cost? First, it’s important to understand what a home battery actually does. Solar panels generate energy and send it to your home, but the…

Solar Battery Buyers Guide

By Shannon Hughes | December 14, 2022

Solar batteries are a relatively new technological advancement that is changing the way we use renewable energy. They allow you to store solar energy from the sun in a home battery for later use, meaning that you can get electricity even when the sun isn’t shining. Solar batteries provide numerous benefits, including increased energy savings,…

How Many Watts of Electricity Does a TV Use?

By Shannon Hughes | December 11, 2022

Introduction Knowing how much electricity (measured in watts) your TV consumes is important for two main reasons: to estimate the cost of its energy usage and to determine the capacity of a solar battery needed to keep it running during a power outage. If you plan to use a solar battery as a backup power…

Energy Storage - SunVault

What You Need to Know About Energy Storage and Solar Batteries

By Shannon Hughes | December 8, 2022

Most people take for granted the role that batteries play in keeping our homes and communities powered. But energy storage, and batteries in particular, are essential to our clean-energy future and we’ll cover the reasons why in this post. What is Energy Storage? What is a Solar Battery? The primary function of solar energy storage…

Electric Vehicle Tax Credits & Incentives

By Shannon Hughes | December 7, 2022

Introduction On average, all-electric (AEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicles cost more than conventional gas-powered cars. However, the base prices don’t take the federal & state tax credits and other incentives into account. These incentives and credits can greatly reduce the upfront cost of an electric vehicle to allow more drivers to take advantage of…


What is a Hybrid Solar System?

By Shannon Hughes | November 30, 2022

Introduction Solar offers a host of benefits beyond helping you reduce your carbon footprint, such as reducing the amount you pay for utilities. Installing panels on your roof puts you one step closer to being in control of the electricity that powers your home. One of the biggest decisions homeowners have to make is whether…

A Beginners Guide to Solar Panels for Your Home: Are they Worth It?

By Shannon Hughes | November 18, 2022

Installing solar panels on your home provides the rare opportunity to pay less for your electricity while helping to preserve the environment. The motivation to save money and power your home with clean, reliable energy has already motivated more than 2 million homeowners to add solar energy systems to their rooftop. However, the economics of…

Charge Your Electric Vehicle From Home

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need to Charge Your Electric Vehicle?

By Shannon Hughes | November 14, 2022

Introduction One of the main benefits of purchasing an electric vehicle (EV) is that it allows you to forgo buying gas in favor of using electricity, which can save money. Why not go a step further and tap into clean, renewable energy like solar power that you can produce from your own home? Solar is…


Preparing for an Outage with SunVault Home Battery Backup

By Shannon Hughes | November 10, 2022

While you may not be able to predict when an outage will occur, it’s important to be prepared when they do with home battery backup. Here are some helpful tips for using your SunVault home battery to keep your lights on even when the grid goes down. Using Your SunVault™ System Generally, SunVault Storage requires…

The History and Evolution of Our Electric Grid

By Shannon Hughes | November 7, 2022

Introduction When you plug in your phone or charge an electric vehicle (EV), your are accessing electricity from the grid. The grid is the network of wires and electrical systems that transport energy from the production source to your home. Today, the United States uses 16 times more energy than was used in 1950. Modernizing…