SunPower Home Solar Warranty Protects Your Investment

Putting solar panels on your roof is not only about saving money with clean energy. You’re making a major home upgrade that will benefit your household for decades. Why not protect that investment with the industry’s best all-in-one warranty?

While shopping for home solar panels you shouldn’t assume all solar companies or all solar warranties are the same. Research the solar technology each company is selling. Make sure you pick a company that stands behind its products for the long haul by offering a comprehensive solar warranty.

This is how SunPower solar stands above the rest: SunPower engineered and designed the  entire Equinox home solar system to work together, delivering more power, more consistently, over time.  We confidently offer a 25-year all-in-one power and product warranty that’s considered the best.

Other companies assemble their home solar systems from multiple manufacturers who then offer separate warranties for each piece, including monitoring, racking, panels or inverters.

The customer may end up responsible for handling those separate warranties, which may be offered by different companies and may be in effect for shorter time frames.

Such warranties often make the homeowner cover the cost of shipping back a defective panel to be fixed.

SunPower vs Other Home Solar Warranties

Here’s a look at SunPower’s 25-year home solar warranty compared to one from another company. SunPower’s warranty:

  • Includes performance, labor, parts and shipping.
  • Guarantees DC power degradation of only 8 percent.
  • Guarantees 90 percent peak AC power output.
  • No hidden fees.
  • No requirement to provide receipts or written claims.
  • Covers rust damage, helpful with installations near the sea.

Other solar companies offer only 10 years of coverage. They don’t feature the above SunPower benefits and may require customers to:

  • Pay to package and ship defective panels.
  • Present the original physical proof of purchase.
  • Pay to replace rust-damaged panels.
  • Have degradation coverage that allows a 19 percent power decline.

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