Streamlined Solar Permitting with SolarAPP+ Brings Clean Energy to Our Customers Faster

Our Director of Residential Solar, Kyle Severns, recently attended an event to introduce the Solar Automated Permit Processing (SolarAPP+) platform, an innovative and efficient software that can run compliance checks and process building permit approvals for rooftop solar systems. 

Approvals usually take a week and sometimes longer depending on the system size and other factors. Permit-related costs can account for nearly a third of installers’ overall costs according to the U.S. Department of Energy. The SolarAPP+ software will speed up the process of rooftop solar by standardizing and streamlining the requirements, application and approvals. Our customers, Pablo and Sherry, opened up their solar-powered home for the event to discuss how the permit process can change with SolarAPP+! 

Hosted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, whose mission is to develop renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies and practices, the project was a collaboration with key code officials, jurisdiction authorities and the solar industry. The U.S. Department of Energy Secretary, Jennifer M. Granholm spoke at the event with a message about the importance of providing safe and affordable home solar options for residents through permitting automation. 


Benefits for Jurisdictions

Many of the officials involved in the development of this project were driven by a common goal: making jurisdiction reviews common, consistent and easy. The high volume of permitting applications can make this process overwhelming and cause a backlog, which laid the foundation for designing the SolarAPP+ to combat those issues. Local governments will now have the ability to process permits. 

Permitting departments across the country will have a more manageable workload because the SolarAPP+ will automatically check solar energy system designs for safety and code compliance. 

The SolarAPP+ software: 

  • Integrates with existing government software
  • Provides automated plan review, permit approval and project tracking information
  • Will standardize up to 90% of standard solar energy system plans
  • Provide an inspection checklist verification and final sign-off after installation


Solar Technologies was proud to be a part of this important step in streamlining the solar permitting process to bring clean, green energy to our customers faster. 

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