Solar Technologies Warranty Agreement

Solar Technologies is pleased to provide a limited product and power warranty on its photovoltaic modules and/or systems components (“PV System”). Warranty rights may be assigned and transferred to subsequent assignees subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the limited product and power warranty for the PV System being assigned and transferred.

Please complete the information below and attach written substantiation of ownership transfer of your real property, including but not limited to deed transfer or sales documents for the property upon which the PV System is installed.

Installation Address:
City: State: Zip: Country:
Serial Number of at least one PV Module:

Anticipated date of ownership transfer: New Owner:
Phone Number:

Email Address:

By signing below, the undersigned represents and warrants that ownership of the PV System identified above have been transferred from the previous system owner to the undersigned on the transfer date listed above.


Printed Name: Date of Signature:

Please submit this form to [email protected] or contact Solar Technologies  (888) SOLPOWER 765-7693 for further assistance.

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