Solar Technologies, a Bay Area leader in solar panel installations, announced today the launch of their new website, http://solartechnologies.com.

“Our new site has been designed to help both residential and commercial solar customers through every step of the purchase process,” said Jeff Parr, Owner of Solar Technologies, “After 18 years of solar installation, we know what kind of content and tools customers need to really understand the differences in solar panel technology, feel more comfortable with the entire installation process, learn how to select the right installer, and of course, learn how much they can save with solar.”

Solar Technologies is one of the Bay Area’s leading providers of state-of-the-art solar power systems. Since 1998 they’ve installed over 75,000 solar panels for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Solar Technologies strives to provide customers with the highest quality equipment, most experienced installers, and award-winning customer service – all at very competitive prices.

“The most common questions people ask when they’re considering going solar is how much it will cost, and how much can they save,” said Mr. Parr. “That’s why we’re pleased to offer customers several options for solar financing, including cash purchase, solar loans, solar leases, and for commercial businesses, even power purchase agreements or public financing to help them save thousands – even up to millions of dollars over 20 years – on utility bills.”

In addition to saving big on monthly costs, another prime reason to go solar are the tax incentives currently available. “Right now, a homeowner can qualify for a 30% tax credit,” said Parr. “For businesses, it can go as high as 70% of the cost of the system, which means business owners only need 3-4 years of energy savings to recover their entire investment.”

Solar tax incentives for California residents are still available but could change at any time. “If you’re thinking about going solar, now is definitely the time,” said Parr. “Waiting even one more year could end up costing you tens of thousands in lost tax credits.”

To find out how you can save with solar, visit one of California’s leading solar companies at http://solartechnologies.com, and make 2017 the year you go green. 

About Solar Technologies

Founded in 1998, Solar Technologies has installed more than 75,000 solar panels and helped thousands of Bay Area home and business owners save with solar. Solar Technologies is proud to have been handpicked by SunPower to represent them directly as their Bay Area Master Dealer, the highest ranking of any SunPower dealer. This designation can only be earned through experience, quality, depth of resources, and customer satisfaction scores. People interested in solar are encouraged to stop by either the company’s Santa Cruz or San Ramon stores, or visit them online at http://solartechnologies.com to see how much they can save with solar.


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