Solar Technologies Customers Share Why They Went Solar

At Solar Technologies our customers are at the heart of everything we do. After all, our customers are the reason that we’ve spent the past 30 years innovating relentlessly to deliver the most advanced solar solutions powering our world and changing the future of energy.

Here are excerpts from some of our favorite customer reviews and some of their beautiful photos. To read more, visit our Customer Story page.

A Solar Music Studio

“We installed solar panels on our office barn and have loved the look, the performance, the ecological good feel and the extended ecological benefits it offers our music businesses. Musicians who come to record in our recording studio enjoy the benefits of knowing their sessions are solar.”

Building a New Home With Solar Technologies Solar

“When the decision came for my wife and I to purchase a new construction home. We looked at that benefits of owning a house with energy efficient systems. Solar panels were at the top of our priority list of equipment to have in our new home. However, it was equally important to look for a manufacturer that was reliable and dependable. After weeks of research, Solar Technologies was by far the most reputable and sought after company among home developers. The decision to choose Solar Technologies has been the best decision ever. We have saved a lot on our electric bill as well as giving back to our environment. Thank you Solar Technologies for providing excellent customer service and reliable equipment.”

No More Sleepless Nights Worried About Utility Bill

“A year ago, my winter utility had me up nights, wondering how I could afford to keep the lights on in my seven-bedroom lodge. This winter, I opened my utility bill and smiled. My leased solar system generated enough power in the sunny summer months (to make up for the winter), and so far, my electric bill has been reduced significantly since I installed my system last spring. The savings and efficiency of the system have lifted a huge burden off my shoulders.”


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