Solar power sees its day in the sun

Solar power is a great renewable energy source—and it’s also more affordable than you might think. With so many users across the world, solar energy technology continues to become more efficient and cost-effective.

According to Jelor Gallego’s article in Futurism, countries such as India and China, among others, are now confidently investing in solar power.

From the article:

All this has led to a general decline in the cost of solar power. In 2015, the installed cost of solar in the US has dropped 5% in small-scale solar panels and 12% in utility-scale solar farms. Chile has seen solar electricity be sold at $29.10 a megawatt-hour, nearly half of electricity from coal.

With lower costs and increased energy efficiency, it makes sense to consider using solar energy in your place of business. You could reap the benefits of using solar panels while saving money over the long term.

Learn how solar power is becoming more affordable.


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