Our Commercial Solar Services

Our Commercial Solar Services

Expertise To Handle Any Challenge

At Solar Technologies we’ve been developing, installing and servicing complex commercial energy systems for years and have the expertise, personnel and:

Power Management Consulting

Electricity has become a considerable operating cost with complex utility rate structures. We can help you assess your usage and billing data and provide comprehensive solutions to improve overall profitability.

Rooftop Solar

Managing your usage can help, and locking in lower cost electricity can reduce or eliminate your power costs altogether. Our commercial solar solutions are designed to provide decades of free electricity and generally recover their cost in 3-5 years.

Solar Carports

Many customers need more solar energy than their roofs can provide or see value in adding shaded parking to their facilities. Our solar carports are designed to enhance the aesthetics of your facility, incorporate EV charging, provide LED security lighting and recover their cost.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicles will represent 25% of new cars sold by 2025 and charging stations will be a necessary addition to most facilities in order to attract and retain employees. From Tesla to ChargePoint, we are certified to design, install and service EV charging solutions that add to your workplace and advance your sustainability efforts.

Energy Storage Systems

Utility demand charges can be very costly for larger facilities and energy storage systems can help reduce these costs, provide auxiliary power to create opportunities to arbitrage utility energy pricing when paired with solar.

LED Lighting

Whether installed on solar carports or as a retrofit of your existing facility lighting, we can help you implement LED lighting systems to lower your energy usage and costs while improving the quality of the lighting for your employees.

Electrical Services

As an electrical contractor with decades of experience, we can provide commercial service, power distribution, lighting and other services through our sister company ST Electric.

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