How to Clean Home Solar Panels


Solar panels produce electricity by capturing the sun’s rays. If a panel’s surface is obscured by an accumulation of dust or debris, the solar energy system won’t be able to operate at its maximum efficiency.

Fortunately, we exclusively sell SunPower Equinox solar systems, which are known to be the most efficient you can buy. SunPower panels produce more energy than conventional panels in low-light situations, such as dirt or shading, but it still makes sense to keep your panels as clean as possible.

Your SunPower home solar system is designed to require little to no maintenance. Seasonal rains do help keep your solar panels free of dirt, pollen, dust and other debris, but if you live in a windy, dusty area, perhaps where there’s a lot of construction going on, or if you have a lot of trees nearby, you’ll need to occasionally have your panels cleaned.

With peak solar production season upon us and no rain on the horizon for the Bay Area in the near future, it’s a great time to give your solar panels a spring cleaning so you can maximize your solar power generation as the days grow longer.

How to Clean Solar Panels

You’ll know it might be time to clean your panels if they look dull (they should have a shiny clear appearance) or if you can see dirt on them. If it’s hard to see your panels from the ground, you can check your SunPower home solar monitoring app to see if your energy production has decreased below normal levels.

If you’re a DIY-type of homeowner and your roof is safely accessible, you can gently rinse your solar panels off with a hose and give them a light wiping with a soft-bristled long-handled brush. However, make sure you only do this when the panels are cool, such as early in the morning or in the evening, using cool water, to avoid damaging the glass surface on a hot day.

If you can’t reach the panels safely or you’d rather have a professional handle it, many window cleaning services also clean solar panels at an affordable price.

How to Find a Solar Panel Cleaner

If you need a recommendation for a reputable solar panel cleaning service in the Bay Area, please reach out to us at Solar Technologies, and we’ll be happy to offer you a referral.

Or, you might try an online home service referral network such as Thumbtack, where it’s easy to quickly get a solar panel cleaning cost estimate. Simply use their search filters to narrow it down based on how many stories your home is and how many panels you need cleaned.

For example, in the San Ramon area, it would cost about $120 to clean between 11 and 20 panels on a one-story home.

You can also view reviews here for service providers to help give you some peace-of-mind before setting up a solar panel cleaning appointment.

It’s that simple. Cleaning panels on a one-story home doesn’t take long at all, and once it’s done you can rest easy knowing you’ll be producing the maximum amount of energy possible to reduce or eliminate your electricity bill.

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