Home Solar Financing Rates Are Heating Up

July 2017 – Solar Technologies, a SunPower Master Dealer and one of the Bay Area’s leaders in solar panel technology, announced today that they’re offering homeowners the chance to go solar at a low financing charge of just 3.99%* with zero down.

“If there was ever a time for Bay Area homeowners to consider going solar, it’s now.” said Jeff Parr, Owner of Solar Technologies. “Not only are we offering this amazing financing incentive but you’ll also qualify for a 30% tax credit for 2017.”

Going solar has many incentives, including a significant reduction of your monthly utilities bill, a sizable tax credit, and it also increases the value of your home. In fact, a recent study in California estimates that purchasing solar can increase the resale of value of your home by more than $5,000 per kilowatt added, which alone may cover a homeowner’s entire cost for installation.

“Since 1998, our team has installed over 75,000 solar panels for residential, commercial, and industrial clients, helping them save thousands annually on electric bills.” said Mr. Parr. “We offer a variety of solar financing options so that every homeowner can save with solar regardless of their budget or credit history.”

In addition to the traditional cash purchase of a home solar system, Solar Technologies offers flexible solar installation options including solar lease which has no out-of-pocket costs. “Essentially with a solar lease Solar Technologies owns the solar system and the homeowner pays a monthly amount to “rent” the system over a 20 year term,” said Parr. Another popular option is the solar loan which allows the homeowner to incur no up front costs while still claiming the tax incentives “the Solar Loan is by far the most popular way to finance a solar panel installation over a 20-25 year term” said Parr, “The homeowner can of course pay off the loan at any time without a penalty.”

The average Bay Area homeowner who installs a system today with average monthly utilities bill of $250 will realize $15,000 in savings in just five years. Over the course of twenty years with inflation that’s savings of over $90,000 on electricity.  “Just think about all the other things you can spend your hard earned money on when you switch to solar.” said Parr.

To find out how you can save with solar, visit one of California’s leading solar companies at http://solartechnologies.com and start on your path to energy independence.

About Solar Technologies

Founded in 1998, Solar Technologies has installed more than 75,000 solar panels and helped thousands of Bay Area home and business owners save with solar. Solar Technologies is proud to have been handpicked by SunPower to represent them directly as their Bay Area Master Dealer, the highest ranking of any SunPower dealer. This designation can only be earned through experience, quality, depth of resources, and customer satisfaction scores. People interested in solar are encouraged to stop by either the company’s Santa Cruz or San Ramon stores, or visit them online at http://solartechnologies.com to see how much they can save with solar.

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