Solar Technologies, a Bay Area leader in solar panel systems, has announced today a new array of solar panel loan purchasing options for homeowners regardless of their budget or credit history. These include: easy cash purchases, solar leases, PACE (property assessed clean energy), solar loans at competitive rates.

“Cash purchases deliver the greatest long-term savings and the best return on the homeowner’s investment,” said Jeff Parr, Owner of Solar Technologies. “Tax incentives alone allow homeowners to recover 30% of their system costs, and the energy saving will pay for the rest of the system in just a few short years with decades of free electricity on top of that.”

Homeowners who want to take advantage of a cash loan rate, but don’t have the funds in the bank, can take out a home equity loan to finance their solar system. It’s easy and tax deductible. On the other end of the spectrum, solar leases confer all the energy-saving benefits of a cash purchase, with the difference being that our lease partner, SunPower,  owns the system on the homeowner’s roof.

“The homeowner simply pays a small monthly amount to “rent” their system. We offer easy 20-year financing terms, and a 20-year system guarantee, making this is an excellent option for those who want to keep their out-of-pocket costs to zero,” said Mr. Parr. “Plus, when it’s time to sell, the solar lease can be assigned to the the new homeowner — making the property that much more attractive.”

“PACE programs offer another smart option for those looking for solar with no upfront costs, because the solar system is financed through the homeowner’s property taxes,” said Mr. Parr. “It works like a solar loan, and still qualifies for the 30% tax credit. With terms up to 30 years, and a 30-year product warranty guarantee, no credit score requirement, and a loan that is transferrable to the new property owner, the low monthly payments and immediate savings make this a very attractive option.”

With a Solar Technologies-backed solar panel loan there are no out-of-pockets costs, financing terms up to 25 years, and generous tax incentives. It adds to a package well worth considering. Homeowners not only get to own their system and the tax incentives that come with it, they’re protected by a 25-year product warranty and production guarantee. Couple that with immediate energy savings and low monthly payments, and taking out a solar loan is one of the brighter financial moves a homeowner can make.

Solar Technologies is a SunPower Master dealer and one of the Bay Area’s leading providers of state-of-the-art solar power systems. Since 1998 they’ve installed over 75,000 solar panels for residential, commercial, and industrial clients, helping them save tens of thousands by choosing the right loan for their solar system.

“No matter what your budget or credit history, you can start saving with solar if you take advantage of the right loan for your solar system,” said Parr. “With solar tax credits set to expire, now is the time to act to secure the best solar loan rates.”

To find out how you can save with solar, visit one of California’s leading solar companies at and start on your path to energy independence.

About Solar Technologies

Founded in 1998, Solar Technologies has installed more than 75,000 solar panels and helped thousands of Bay Area home and business owners save with solar. Solar Technologies is proud to have been handpicked by SunPower to represent them directly as their Bay Area Master Dealer, the highest ranking of any SunPower dealer. This designation can only be earned through experience, quality, depth of resources, and customer satisfaction scores. People interested in solar are encouraged to stop by either the company’s Santa Cruz or San Ramon stores, or visit them online at to see how much they can save with solar.


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