Solar Technologies, one of the Bay Area’s leading solar providers, announced today that even small organizations can expect to pay their energy utility more than a million dollars over the course of 25 years.

“Switching to solar is one of the single best ways to reduce your company’s operating costs and environmental footprint,” said Solar Technologies owner Jeff Parr. “With electricity rates on the rise, investing in a commercial solar system allows you to stabilize your expenses rather than leave your business at the mercy of fluctuating energy prices.”

A commercial solar system allows business owners to reduce or even eliminate their electric bills. By some estimates, commercial property owners can save an average of 75% on their energy costs by switching to solar. As a leader in solar panel installations, Solar Technologies helps businesses navigate their many options for solar purchase, installation, financing, and power capacity.

Federal tax incentives, rebates, corporate tax credits and other state tax breaks all factor into the short-term cost of going solar. With a cash purchase, businesses can recover up to 70% of the cost of their commercial solar system through government incentives in addition to saving money on their electricity bill over the long term.

“Thanks to increased financial incentives and lower installation costs, the price of solar has decreased in recent years while electricity prices continue to rise,” Parr said. “In many cases, solar can even increase property value, enabling you to see additional financial gain down the line.”

Solar Technologies’ online calculator estimates potential savings based on a business’s current electric bill and the amount of sunlight available on company property. This information can help determine the payback period, or amount of time it takes to break even on a solar investment. The higher a company’s electric bill, the less time it takes for the system to pay for itself.

Business owners looking to reduce overhead and save on their utility bills can visit for more information on installing a commercial solar system with one of California’s top solar companies.


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