Why Should You Get a Custom Solar Quote With SunPower by Solar Technologies?

More than 380,000 homeowners have already turned to SunPower for solar solutions. Here at Solar Technologies, we’ve helped more than 75,000 Bay Area home and business owners with solar solutions. For the many others looking to adopt this renewable energy source, there’s often a very natural question that surfaces: How much does going solar cost?

Some solar providers try to make speed look convenient by quickly throwing out a one-size-fits-all price quote for solar systems without first assessing the home. While these prices tend to be very attractive at first sight, homeowners will quickly discover that this method of pricing isn’t convenient at all because simply listing a base price leaves out vital details homeowners need to make a decision.

The way around this is to get a fast – and genuinely convenient – SunPower solar quote. Homeowners can get started with the Solar Technologies online home solar designer. In only seconds, homeowners can enter their address and get a rendering of their home to see how many solar panels are recommended. This will give them a general idea of how much energy their home can produce and how solar power could benefit them. 

During the quote process, we will be looking at two factors. The first is the size of the house – specifically, the square footage and how much space there is for putting state-of-the-art SunPower panels on the roof or elsewhere on the property. SunPower’s highly efficient solar panels are great for small rooftops because they can generate more energy in less space. However, with more panels comes more power potential and some homes require a more robust system. We will conduct a site survey that will also identify any structural challenges to take note of and factor into the planning phase.

The other factor is the house’s energy usage. Naturally, we will want to find out about current usage and can do this by looking over past utility bills. We will also take a hard look at the homeowner’s future plans. For instance, homeowners with a growing family, those who work from home or those who want to add a pool or an electric vehicle will see their energy use grow significantly over time. These factors should be considered when planning a solar system’s size. That way, utility bills don’t creep up during change of life events.

Future energy use also can be affected by influences that aren’t obvious. For instance, the U.S. is seeing a shift towards electrification as more and more appliances are powered by electricity over natural gas sources. These appliances do demand a certain amount of energy while in use and should be considered when planning for a solar system.

With a trusted SunPower by Solar technologies custom quote in hand, homeowners can move toward their clean energy future with confidence. We will discuss options for paying for the solar system, including purchasing or financing your system. Each option can have a different impact on a system’s price, maintenance and return on investment so it’s important to keep in mind when running the numbers.

It’s important to note that a good choice for one homeowner may not be the best for someone else. That’s why our qualified team of solar consultants helps homeowners sort through their options to determine what’s best for their home.

Investing in solar power is a long-term commitment that can help your pocketbook and the environment. The SunPower by Solar Technologies commitment to quality means we’ll never shoehorn some standard set of panels onto your rooftop when what you need is a custom fit. Let our team help you get this crucial decision just right.

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