Is commercial solar right for your organization?

If you’re thinking about investing in a new commercial solar panel installation, you’re in good company. Private businesses, public entities (like government agencies), and educational institutions of all shapes and sizes benefit from this clean, renewable source of electricity every day. 

But is a commercial solar system the right solution for you?

Answering the questions below will help you determine whether your organization is a good match for commercial solar.

Let’s get started.

NOTE: This flowchart is intended to be a first-step guide for typical commercial solar customers who generally require favorable local policies to help solar make sense. Some organizations (such as institutions with exceptionally large, consistent electricity needs) might still be viable candidates for solar regardless. Therefore, we recommend you talk to an independent energy consultant or knowledgeable solar provider who can assess your specific situation to see if solar is right for you.

Organizations can “go green” while saving money with a commercial solar systemDo you want to “go green”?

Want to do your part for ecology? Maybe your organization has some specific alternative energy goals to become more sustainable? Or perhaps you’re trying to implement a more socially responsible business model? All of the above?

YES?: Continue to the next section.

NO?: Answer the question below.

Is your goal to save money?

Is cost reduction a priority? Not everyone understands that clean, renewable commercial solar power has the potential to reduce their energy costs.

YES?: Continue to the next section.

NO?: Go to STOP.




Renewable energy incentives play a role in determining whether a commercial solar panel installation makes senseAre your energy rates high and/or unpredictable?

The price of commodity-dependent electricity sources like oil, coal and natural gas fluctuate greatly and can result in high business energy costs.

YES?: Continue to the next section.

NO?: Answer the question below.

Are there strong incentives for going solar in your state?

Solar renewable energy credits (SRECs), federal investment tax credits (ITCs) and other local renewable power incentives can help reduce the initial investment when going solar.

YES?: Continue to the next section.

NO?: Go to STOP.




Commercial solar equipment can be installed onsite or offsite, depending on available spaceDo you have the space?

It could be on a rooftop, in an open field or built into a carport, but the solar equipment needs to go somewhere.

YES?: Continue to the next section.

NO?: Answer the question below.

Can you access electricity generated outside your local power grid?

It may make sense to build your commercial solar panel installation offsite, if it’s possible—transferring electrical power from one utility’s service area to another’s (a process known as wheeling). This takes proper regulatory support, but could be an option if onsite installation isn’t possible. If you’re unsure, an energy consultant or your prospective solar provider should be able to help you answer this one.

YES?: Continue to the next section.

NO?: Go to STOP.




Some local utility companies may offer net metering, which can reduce electricity costsIs net metering available?

If your local utility supports net metering*, you’ll be able to send your surplus solar energy back into the grid—reducing or potentially offsetting your electricity costs entirely.

YES?: Good news! Going solar is a good option for you. See what’s next.

*Utility credits and incentives vary depending on your location and occasionally change. Check out the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE)—a great resource for state-by-state solar policy information.



The sun is a source of unlimited renewable energy that can benefit your organization


It looks like your organization could be a good match for the benefits of commercial solar power. See Solar Technologies for lots more information.

Or, if you’re ready to talk to someone now, click the orange “Get Started” button at the top of the page.


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