5 real reasons to adopt green business practices

Why should businesses go green? A Houston Chronicle article points out five reasons why green business practices can be beneficial to your company.

“Going green” at work—or adopting environmentally friendly business practices—is not just a trend, but also a way for socially responsible companies to benefit from a host of advantages. The article points to plusses such as energy cost savings, happier and healthier employees, improved brand perception and positive public response.

From the article:

“Going green has many practical advantages. States such as California have cracked down on emissions allowances, so companies such as FedEx and General Electric have incorporated green technology in order to reduce emissions and comply with state standards. Tax credit and incentives at the state level are also available.”

“Additionally, the IRS allows businesses that use company cars such as hybrids to take an alternative motor vehicle credit on federal taxes. The federal government also allows businesses to take a tax credit of up to 30 percent for the use of solar and wind energy.”

The article outlines five measurable benefits of using green technologies such as solar power for business:

  • Legal and tax advantages—These could include such benefits such as federal and state tax credits, exemptions and incentives.
  • Reduced waste and increased efficiency—Renewable energy sources create no pollution and can extend your energy dollar.
  • A healthier workplace—Green, chemical-free cleaning supplies can make it easier for employees with sensitivities.
  • Improved public perception and brand loyalty—Studies indicate that customers are showing a preference for green products and packaging.
  • Contributing to a sustainable, healthy environment—Every step a business can take to reduce waste helps the planet.

Learn more about how companies are getting real benefits from going green.

Find out what solar incentives and policies you might qualify for.


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