Geo. H. Wilson, Inc.

Geo. H. Wilson, Inc., Mechanical Contractors

Geo. H. Wilson, Inc., Mechanical Contractors case study quick factsOne of Santa Cruz’s Most Celebrated Contractors. 

Geo. H. Wilson is a family-owned mechanical contracting business that was founded in the 1920’s. The company has worked on some of the most iconic projects in Santa Cruz county and they’re known for the quality of their work and community involvement.

Their Challenge

Geo. H. Wilson was one of Santa Cruz’s first certified green building contractors and is recognized as a leader in local sustainable construction. As a family owned business that owned their building they wanted to claim the tax incentives, eliminate their power bills and demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship.

How They Saved

Solar Technologies was selected after a rigorous bidding process and we ultimately installed a 76kW system on their roof that was designed to offset 96% of their electric bills and save $30 thousand dollars in the first year. Over 25 years the system is estimated to save $1.1 million dollars net of their investment and expected to pay for itself in 3.4 short years.

Project Snapshot

Geo H. Wilson Inc. has a roof mainly covered in solar panels