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Commercial Solar Cash Purchases

How Cash Purchases Work

The simplest path to financing a solar project is to purchase the system directly. You buy and operate the solar installation which allows you to directly benefit from any available federal, state and local solar incentives. If you have available capital and tax appetite to absorb tax credits and accelerated depreciation, you may find cash purchases to be the best option.

Average Retail Price of Commercial ElectricityBenefits Of Cash Purchases

  • Faster and more streamlined processing reduces the total time required for a solar installation, allowing you to begin benefiting from clean, solar electricity as quickly as possible
  • Greater potential savings since you avoid third party expenses and interest rates
  • Protection against rising utility rates
  • Access to 100% of available solar incentives. As the system owner, you qualify for a Federal investment tax credit worth 30% of the system’s value. When you combine this with additional state and local rebates, you can offset the cost of a solar project by 50% or more.

Key Cash Purchase Considerations

Although cash purchases transfer the entire solar installation and all associated benefits directly to you, they also transfer the added responsibility of system operation and maintenance. If total savings are your main concern, it is worth exploring cash purchases as a financing option. However, if you prefer not to devote capital to installing, operating, and maintaining a solar project, consider a PPA or solar lease instead.

Solar Technologies Cash Purchases

Solar Technologies has combined the most experienced team of installation experts on the planet with record-breaking solar panel technology to offer comprehensive solutions with one goal in mind - delivering the most solar energy possible. Solar Technologies solar installations use the most powerful panels on the planet so you realize the greatest total savings on energy costs. In other words, a straightforward cash purchase of a Solar Technologies system typically offers the maximum return on a solar investment.