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Ramar Foods International, The flavor of the Philippines

Ramar Foods International case study quick factsRamar Foods

Family Traditions & Industry Leading Manufacturing

Founded in 1969, Ramar Foods is a third-generation Filipino Food company and America’s leading manufacturer. From Filipino ice cream to lumpia, Ramar’s recipes were family favorites that are now mass produced at their state of the art facilities and enjoyed across the country.

Their Challenge

As Ramar’s business has grown so have their energy needs. Their two neighboring facilities in Pittsburg California include their corporate offices, cold storage and manufacturing lines for most of their leading products. Running full-time, nearly year round, Ramar’s electric bills had become their largest operating expense. Ramar also takes pride in the sustainability of their product and wanted to power their facilities with renewable energy.

How They Saved

Solar Technologies designed a system that utilized all the space available and installed SunPower’s high efficiency panels to maximize energy production and savings. The system offsets 90% of their power bills and we provided Ramar with a no-cost lease that saves them hundreds of thousands every year and $6.25 million over the guaranteed life of the panels.

Project Snapshot

Commercial Solar
Commercial Solar