Colwell Family – Pleasanton, CA

Colwell Family – Pleasanton, CA

Solar Case Studies Quick FactsTheir Challenge

With the need for a new roof, and an increasing electric bill, the Colwells decided to explore solar for their home in Pleasanton. It was important to them to find a contractor that used quality equipment, had a good local reputation, and company would go the extra mile to maintain their home’s aethestics. With a roofer selected, it was also important that they find a solar company that could effectively coordinate with their roofing project.

How They Saved

After collecting numerous bids, the Colwells were able to narrow their search to SunPower dealers to ensure they would have the highest quality, longest lasting solar panels on their home. After seeing our trucks in their neighborhood, they started researching Solar Technologies and met with our Solar Energy Consultant, Nick Bahrenburg. Nick was able to outline a solution by designing a system capable of meeting more than 80% of their current electricity needs, while still looking great on their home. Nick was also able to connect the family with a local credit union who could finance the project for $0 out of pocket, with a low monthly payment. With solar savings from Day One, the Colwells are thrilled to be powered by the sun, and couldn’t be happier with their all-black SunPower solar panels.

Project Snapshot

Sloped top roof with large solar panel sections on each side