Adams Family – Hayward, CA

Adams Family – Hayward, CA

Solar Case Studies Quick FactsTheir Challenge

The Adams family had interest in switching to solar power for years before being referred to Solar Technologies by their close family friends. It was important that their selected installer be mindful of the recent remodel and modernization of their charming and unique home. Their home was originally built in the early 1900s, and all the houses on the block were built to match the style of their authentic, turn-of-the-century property. In addition to achieving high-end performance, the solar panels would have to look aesthetically-pleasing if the Adams were to allow a solar system to be the capstone of their historic 100+ year-old home.

How They Saved

With their limited roof space and concerns for aesthetics, SunPower panels were immediately attractive to the Adams family. With SunPower’s high-efficiency panels guaranteed to last 25 years, the Adams residence would be able to make more energy over time compared to competing products. Their Solar Design Consultant, James Hamill-Stout, analyzed their property’s specific requirements and recommended SunPower’s signature 100% black panels. James discussed their electricity needs, determined the best location for the panels, and explained what work was required to retrofit their existing electrical infrastructure to use solar energy. The site-specific analysis led to a cost-effective system design which enabled the Adams to feel comfortable that the design was the right fit for their home. Now that the system is installed, the Adams are thrilled that they save thousands of dollars each year compared to paying PG&E for their electricity needs.

Project Snapshot

Small Victorian house with solar panels on different parts of sloped roof