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Unmatched Expertise In New Home Construction Under California's Solar Mandate

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Bay Area builders rely on Solar Technologies to help facilitate the addition of solar energy to their projects. With a complete suite of services and products - including solar, storage and EV charging -  we make the addition of solar energy solutions simple. Our dedicated New Homes Team will enhance your gorgeous new builds with the highest quality, most efficient solar + storage solutions and designs for each project.

The Advantage If Working With Solar Technologies:

  • Installation

    State-of-the-art solar and battery backup solutions designed for maximum efficiency and aesthetic appeal

  • Dedicated Team

    You'll work with a Project Manager who specializes in New Home Construction & General Contracting

  • Custom Engineering & Design

    Tailored designs to fit the unique needs of each home and property

  • Rough-in Coordination

    Planning and coordination to maximize efficiency and productivity during the solar phase of construction

  • Roofing Coordination

    We'll work with the roofer to ensure waterproof mounts and maintain roof integrity

  • Title 24 Compliance Support

    We'll provide expert guidance to help you meet California's building energy efficiency standards.

Get Solar That Compliments Your New Home. 

Ask about our new homes partnership program for exclusive pricing and coordination benefits.

We'll Help You Navigate California's Title 24 Solar Requirements

California Title 24 building standards require the installation of solar systems on all new residential construction up to three stories, with some exceptions. The next code cycle will extend these requirements to cover all new construction, regardless of size. With energy efficiency mandates becoming a permanent fixture, it is essential for builders to incorporate solar into their compliance strategies while fully understanding the requirements and exceptions for each project.

Solar Technologies offers expert guidance to help you efficiently plan your solar projects, ensuring both time and cost savings while maximizing your investment for higher Net Operating Income (NOI).

Solar permit package

Full Permit Packages

We’ll Provide a full permit package on time to make sure your building submittal is not delayed.

Project Coordination

We’ll coordinate with your project schedule and sub contractors to provide an electrical rough in and roof standoff coordination while the walls are open and before the roof is sealed.

Solar New Construction

New Home Projects

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Battery Storage Solutions

Tesla Warranty
Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

Whole-Home Backup With Telsa Powerwall 3

Powerwall 3 is Tesla's most powerful, affordable solution for whole-home backup. Get uninterrupted power and better perfomance to help lower your electric bills and maximize your savings potential. 

Better Outage Protection

Stores more energy for increased protection during outages. A single unit can seamlessly back up your entire home

Seamless Backup Power

Powerwall provides seamless transitions to backup when grid connection is interrupted

Optimized For Savings

Offers built-in power conversion allowing solar energy to be captured more efficiently with integrated inverters 


EV Integration

With off-grid charging you can charge your vehicle from solar, even while the grid is down. With Powershare, you can extend backup duration and shift energy between your vehicle and Powerwall

More Durable

Engineered to perform at high elevation, humidity and over a large temperature range. Flood resistant and submergible up to 28 inches

More Prepared

Storm Watch monitors weather data and automatically charges Powerwall if a severe weather event is in the forecast


Enphase IQ Battery 5P

The ‘P’ in IQ Battery 5P means Power

The IQ Battery 5P is the most powerful Enphase battery to date. It has double the power of the leading competitor for battery systems of a similar size. The IQ Battery 5P integrates with the Enphase APP and allows you to start and run more appliances with fewer IQ batteries for a more affordable path to resilient energy independence. 

Outpower the competition.

Safer chemistry.

Sync with your Enphase App.

Convenient modularity.

Extended protection.

24/7 support.

Enjoy a more resilient home.

Prioritize and direct your power.

Solar install Oracle - Campus

Solar Technologies designed our system, handled every step in the process and their team performed exceptionally. I’m a big supporter of them and excited to be solar powered.

Tim Roche, Oracle, Facilities Director, San Francisco, CA

Why Choose Solar Technologies?

Founded in 1998, Solar Technologies has installed more than 250,000 solar panels for home and business owners throughout the Bay Area.

We’ve been successful because we offer high efficiency, reasonably priced solar panels, with experienced solar installers, award-winning customer service and a best-in-industry 25-year warranty.

This is why so many customers have trusted us to install and care for their solar panel power systems and why a leading manufacturer such as SunPower has named us their exclusive Bay Area Master Dealer.

With more than 25 years of experience, thousands of customers, award-winning service and local teams conveniently located in Santa Cruz, San Jose, and San Ramon, we are your leading California solar partner. There’s no installation we can’t handle and no one better equipped to help you save money and become a more sustainable home or business.

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