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SunPower Master Dealer

Solar Technologies is proud to have been handpicked by SunPower to represent them directly as their Bay Area Master Dealer, the highest ranking of any SunPower dealer earned through experience, quality, depth of resources and customer satisfaction.

SunPower has been leading the way in solar for over 30 years. The technology behind Sunpower panels is better than conventional solar which is why they have the highest level of efficiency and are rated #1 in durability third-party testing. SunPower panels also give customers 70% more energy in the same space over 25 years when compared to conventional solar. We choose SunPower for our customers because more power means more savings for our customers and their industry leading warranty ensures decades of trouble free solar savings.

With SunPower by Solar Technologies you get better solar equipment installed by one of the Bay Area’s best local installers and will be setup for success over the long life of your SunPower solar system.

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Every roof of this tightly packed neighborhood, uses SunPower solar panels

Master Dealer Requirements 

  • Technical Experience – All Employees Have Advanced Certification

  • Installation Quality – Highest Ranking Inspection Scores

  • Customer Satisfaction – +90% Customer Satisfaction Scores

  • Financial Health – Strongest Financials & Executive Team

  • Service & Support – Full Time Service & Support Department