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Save Even More With 30% Tax Credit

As if lower utility bills weren’t incentive enough when you switch to Solar most people qualify for a 30% Tax Credit. This Federal Tax Credit may expire at soon so if you’re thinking about solar don’t wait until it’s too late and get stuck buying high-priced power from the utilities. This tax credit is paid in the year the system is installed and greatly enhances solar savings.

Going Solar Incentives

Increase Home Value

  • In fact, a recent study in California estimates that purchasing solar can increase the resale value of your home by more than $5,000 per kilowatt added (1). That alone may cover your system’s entire cost on day one.

Added Value & Lower Costs

Home buyers are willing to pay a premium for a home with a purchased solar installation. Why? Because a solar power system helps control electricity costs and provides savings over time. The increases the home’s value.

Financial Incentives

  • You may also qualify for other financial incentives, tax credits and utility rebates. To see a database of California utility and federal incentives and policies that promote solar click here.

(1) Energy savings achieved and return on investment depend upon a number of factors that vary according to each customer’s particular circumstances. Without limitation, these factors include: equipment used, solar system size, solar panel orientation and shading, insolation available, and applicable utility rates and rate structure, as well as customer’s eligibility for rebates, incentives, and net-metering or similar programs (the availability of which may differ for each customer). Therefore, each customer’s experience will vary.

Find Out How Much You Can Save With Solar