Lenhart Family – Los Gatos

Lenhart Family – Los Gatos

Quick facts about the Lenhart home projectTheir Challenge

With electric bills increasing to more than $250 per month, the Lenhart family of Los Gatos, Calif.,was looking to control their energy costs and maximize their long-term savings by going solar. With a home in an historic area of town, curb appeal and maintaining the charming aesthetics of their home was very important. With many mature trees around the home, they also wanted to ensure they would see a great return on their investment into solar.

How They Saved

After collecting bids from a few reputable local solar installers, the Lenharts quickly saw the value of SunPower solar panels. SunPower’s all-black modules would give their roof a sleek, high tech look without sacrificing any curb appeal, and the factory integrated microinverter would help to boost their power production during times of partial shade. After meeting with our consultant, Keenan Shaw, they were able to settle on a design for the array, and a short internal conduit run to further ensure the aesthetic appeal of the system. Keenan also provided a full shading report to ensure the system would produce what was estimated in the proposal. With their home and electric vehicle now powered by the sun, the Lenharts are thrilled with their decision to go solar with Solar Technologies and SunPower and are looking forward to the years of savings to come.

Project Snapshot

The Lenhart home is powered by SunPower and saves thousands of dollars