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With the cost of food, gas and energy on the rise, Central Valley homeowners are switching to solar for savings. 

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Bringing Clean Energy to Fresno

More than 1.3 million homes in California already generate clean and sustainable energy from their solar panel system.

With more than 270 sunny days each year compared to the national average of 205 sunny days, the Central Valley has plenty of sunshine available all year long to use solar panels to meet your home energy needs.

That’s why Solar Technologies is proud to provide Fresno and Clovis homeowners with an eco-friendly solution to reduce energy bills and save money.

Let's Change The Way You Pay For Power.

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SunPower & Solar Technologies
Offer the Best in Class Solar

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  • Combined 50 Years and Counting

    With a half-century of experience under our belts, chances are we've seen it all! Let our expertise be your peace of mind...Sit back, relax, and start saving.

  • SunPower's Complete Confidence Warranty

    SunPower is the only solar company in the country that's been around longer than its 25-year warranty. 

  • 5,000+ California Customers

    As SunPower's exclusive Bay Area master dealer, Solar Technologies was hand-picked by SunPower to help more California homeowners save with solar. We are proud to expand our partnership to bring Central Valley residents the same great SunPower products. 

Introducing the SunPower Equinox® System

Take control of your home energy with SunPower's complete home solar solution.


Better Cells, Better Solar, More Savings

Greater efficiency means more savings potential. The unique design of the SunPower® Maxeon® cells allow them to deliver exceptional results for decades to come.

Conventional Solar Cells


Looks can be deceiving, make sure you know what is going on your roof. Conventional panels offer inferior production, despite similar front appearance.


Metal paste is a common component of conventional solar panels, with strips often visible on the front face of the solar cell. It is fragile, blocks light and corrodes over time.


Conventional solar cells are exceptionally fragile, which can have an impact on the production of your system overall. The entire solar cell is rendered useless with even the slightest broken connection.

SunPower® Maxeon® Solar Cells


The unique design of the SunPower Maxeon cells make them the more efficient, longer-lasting solution. These solar cells produce more energy over 25 years.


The thick, robust copper backing and connectors of Maxeon solar cells allow them to flex under tough conditions instead of breaking. This is especially useful in extreme weather conditions and areas of temperature fluctuation.


The solid copper backing of Maxeon solar cells makes them much stronger than conventional solar cells, allowing them to keep generating energy, even if the cell is cracked. See how conventional cells compare to SunPower cells in the cell-break demo video.

Switch to Solar With $0 Down

We offer flexible payment options so you can increase the value of your home while saving on your monthly energy bills. We'll work closely with you to identify the best home solar financing option for your situation.

Compare Your Payment Options


  • Summary
  • Upfront Payment
  • Ownership
  • Monthly Payments
  • Payment Terms
  • Included Care & Maintenance
  • Energy Monitoring
  • 25 Year System Warranty
  • Tax Credits
  • Property Tax Abatement

Cash Purchase

Purchasing your SunPower system directly delivers the greatest long-term savings and return on investment. Over time, your system can pay for itself through your utility savings.

  • You purchase your SunPower® system directly.
  • A home equity loan can be used and may be tax-deductible.
  • You can keep any solar tax credits and/or state and local incentives for which you may be eligible.*


Solar Loan

Various loan payment terms and conditions available, including optional full prepayment without penalty.

  • You can keep any solar tax credits and/or state and local incentives for which you may be eligible.
  • For many customers, the combination of the loan payment and the remaining power bill is less than their previous electric bill.



Solar Lease

SunPower Capital owns the system on your roof, but you still get the benefits of the electricity savings. You pay a monthly amount for the use of your system.

*Terms apply, options will vary based on eligibility. Please confirm finance eligibility with your solar sales representative.

24/7 Blackout Protection Options With SunVault Battery Storage 

Add Peace of Mind Protection From Power Shutoffs, Outages & More

One thing many Fresno homeowners worry about every summer is the possibility of power shutoffs and outages due to the strain put on the grid. We offer reliable energy storage solutions that can keep your lights on and even your AC when the power goes out.

When you pair a home battery with your solar panel system, you can store any excess energy your home produces to use during blackouts and outages without tapping into the grid.



Independently power your home 24 hours a day. Your battery works by storing excess electricity generated by your solar panels so it’s available on demand, day or night.

Back-up Power

Your home battery will detect a blackout or power outage, disconnect from the grid and instantly restore power to your home in a fraction of a second. Most homeowners don’t even notice the power went out.

Time-of-Use (TOU) Billing

Take full control of your energy usage. Avoid utility peak use rate charges by using the solar energy stored in your home battery during the afternoon and early evening, when the conventional utility grid is often overburdened.

Energy Independence

Generate, store and use your own electricity without worrying about power outages or extra time-of-use costs. Set up your virtual appointment today to see if home battery storage is the right choice for you and your family.


sunvault energy storage

SunVault™ Storage makes energy independence a reality for all homeowners.

Peace of mind comes standard with the only home solar and battery storage solution designed by one company. SunPower Equinox® solar systems paired with SunVault™ Storage gives homeowners the chance to become energy independent and take control of the energy your home uses so you’re prepared for power outages, blackouts and more.

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Charge with Solar

Solar How It Works Graphic 2

Decrease Grid Energy Usage at Peak Time Rates

Solar How It Works Graphic 1

Backup Essentials

Going Solar is Simple With Solar Technologies

We will work with you to design the best solar system to meet the energy needs of your home or business. From your consultation to permitting and installation, our team of solar professionals will guide you every step of the way.

Why Choose Solar Technologies?

Solar install Oracle - Campus

Solar Technologies designed our system, handled every step in the process and their team performed exceptionally. I’m a big supporter of them and excited to be solar powered.

Tim Roche, Oracle, Facilities Director, San Francisco, CA

Solar Technologies has helped California residents make the switch to solar since 1998. We are now offering Central Valley homeowners the same exceptional service, peace of mind and savings.

We attribute our success to our high efficiency, reasonably priced solar panels, our best-in-industry 25-year warranty and our commitment to our customers.

Our customers have trusted us to install and care for their solar panel power systems and  SunPower has named us their exclusive Bay Area Master Dealer.

With more than 24 years of experience, thousands of customers, award-winning service and local teams conveniently located in Santa Cruz, San Jose, San Ramon and Fresno, we are your leading California solar partner. There’s no installation we can’t handle and no one better equipped to help you save money and become more sustainable.

Clients: Oracle, Essex, Comcast, Burlingame School District, Food Bank for Monterey County, The Oakland Zoo, Coastline Family Farms, Orchard Commercial, Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter, and Oakland Unified School District

Don't Take It From Us, See What Our Customers Have To Say...

Charles M.
Charles M.
Moraga, CA

Very professional and dependable during design and construction of my solar project. The system has met all my expectations

Jane M.
Jane M.
Berkeley, CA

Easy to work with and responsive to all questions, before and after the installation. Knew all the regulations, Fed, state, and city so there were no surprises in terms of cost. Worked well with the roofing company in terms of setting a schedule. Did the work quickly and cleaned up after themselves. Set up the app for me.

Joshua T.
Joshua T.
Soquel, CA

Keenan S and the SunPower team were the epitome of professionalism throughout the entire process of quoting, planning, installing, credits and rebates. To the penny, SunPower's quote was accurate. From our $1000 SunPower cash-back to our tax-rebate, everything went perfectly. Keenan is a great representative who believes in his company, says what he is going to do and does what he good as it get. Thank you Keenan!

Mary P.
Mary P.

The Solar Technologies staff worked hard as a team to deliver a great product from planning to sales, permitting, installation, and inspection. The project manager gave us timely updates on the process for our installation. The solar panels and battery storage have acted seamlessly to transition to backup power when we have had grid power outages due to planned and unplanned PG&E outages. The apps available for system monitoring give a record of power usage for the solar panels and battery. I highly recommend Solar Technologies for a custom solar project.

Piero P.
Piero P.

The whole team was very professional starting with the sales and engineering staff in dealing with pandemic related delays. As part of the original contract, Solar Technologies also arranged for a new electrical panel with an excellent contractor. The solar system installers did a very clean installation with no problems and the city inspection went without a hitch. Overall, a great experience and a great job.

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