Millennials look beyond profit toward a more sustainable future

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Traditionally, companies have pointed to a positive bottom line as a benchmark of success, but a new wave of entrepreneurs may be changing that equation by factoring social and environmental measures into a triple bottom line.  Companies and organizations are increasingly adopting sustainable business practices to make an impact on their communities as well as their [...]

How sustainability in business can improve your brand reputation—and bottom line

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There’s an adage that claims, “You don’t own your brand. Your customers do.” That’s because each interaction a customer has with your company’s employees, stores or website contributes to how they perceive your brand. In turn, that perception goes a long way in shaping how successful your brand is. If you’re like today’s progressive organizations, you [...]

Solar is trending as a top renewable energy investment worldwide

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For the first time, global energy markets in many parts of the developing world are registering solar power as the cheapest form of new electricity for renewable energy investment opportunities. The milestone is noteworthy as these lower solar prices do not include government subsidies or other financial support. This trending reduction in the price of solar [...]

A Quick Guide to Solar Storage Batteries

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In select U.S. markets the Solar Technologies home solar energy system can now be paired with industry leading solar battery storage providers such as Sonnen or Tesla. Read this accompanying blog post to learn more about how home storage batteries work and check out this easy-to-understand infographic. Visit Solar Technologies's solar storage webpage to use our solar [...]

Home Solar Plus Storage

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There has never been a better time to consider solar. Advancements in solar technology have made it more affordable, and advancements in battery technologies are giving customers greater energy independence. We're happy to announce that, in select U.S. markets, the Solar Technologies home solar energy system can now be paired with industry leading solar battery storage [...]

5 Facts About Solar That Make Sense

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Five reasons to consider going solar now. Interested? Check out our solar calculator to find out how much you can save. Learn more about solar in these Solar Technologies Blog posts: Solar Technologies Customers Share Why They Went Solar A Quick Guide to Going Solar Finding Solar Installation Company See how much you could save on electricity [...]

California New Homes Industry Leads Nation in Green Building

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As goes California, so goes the nation. That’s a common refrain from those who recognize the forward thinking that the West Coast is known for, especially when it comes to securing a clean energy future. In the last year, under the leadership of Gov. Jerry Brown and the California Legislature, California has set the bar high, pioneering climate [...]

Solar Technologies is a Leader in New Home Solar Installations

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California’s decision to require solar on virtually all new homes starting in 2020 sets a remarkable example for our nation when it comes to reducing fossil fuel emissions that pollute our air and contribute to global warming. Unanimously approved by the California Energy Commission, the decision is expected to have a massive impact on the demand [...]

Why now is the time for the commercial building industry to jump on board with solar

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There’s no question about it, studies have proven most Americans agree that renewable energy is crucial to our future. In addition, while electricity rates across the country continue to increase, solar panels become more affordable and viable than ever. Yet, at a time when green technology is gaining popularity and prices are decreasing, one question still [...]

How solar-powered microgrids can improve national security

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Energy security is an increasingly critical issue for the U.S. military. One way to stabilize the U.S. electrical grid in vulnerable areas is to deploy solar-powered microgrids, according to a new report from Michigan Technological University (MTU). Solar microgrids can enhance energy security by localizing power production and preventing cascading blackouts.  The U.S. military already has [...]