Tired of Electric Shock Every Month?

The average Bay Area household is now paying close to $200 per month and expected
to spend nearly $100,000 over 25 years just to power their homes.

Switch to solar and stop spending so much on electricity.

*Monthly electric bill for the next 20 years. Based on current electricity bill of $250 per month..

Save money with solar from day one.

Save Money Day One

Whether you're a commercial, non-profit or government organization, our team can custom tailor financing to fit your budget and investment objectives so you can start saving money from the start.

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Claim Your 30% Federal Tax Credit Before It Expires!

You have until the end of next year to claim your 30% Federal Tax Credit. This tax credit greatly enhances solar savings, ROI and financing attractiveness.

If you’re thinking about solar don’t wait until it’s too late and get stuck buying high-priced power from the utilities.
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Financing to Fit Any Budget

At Solar Technologies we offer a variety of financing options so that every homeowner can save with solar regardless of their budget or credit history. We simply seek out the best partners and work closely with you to identify the most rewarding option.

Cash-flow positive financing solutions with little-to-nothing due up front.


Push Your Home Resale Value Through The Roof

As if saving wasn’t enough, solar is proven to add immediate value to your home and immediately recaptures the net cost of the solar system. You get your entire investment back when you sell and save.

Our analysis offers clear support that a premium exists in the marketplace for homes with PV systems.
- Source: LBNL Report Examining 70,425 Home Sales

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