Solar Power System Costs


"What will it cost to go solar" is the burning question on most people's minds. The real cost of your solar power system is the difference between your savings and your investment.

And, since solar power costs less than energy from your utility company, your return begins immediately. A properly-sized system is your key to getting the most return on your investment now and in the future. Our experienced solar consultants calculate roof or ground space, orientation, shading, tilt, sun peak hours and energy usage to determine the exact size of system for the
best return.

solar cash flow
Cost-effective $0 down leasing options are available with attractive terms as low as $85 per month. The difference between what you were paying to your utility and your monthly solar cost is savings to you.

With a low, fixed monthly payment, your savings begin immediately and increase each year as you offset the rising cost of electric rate inflation.

When purchasing a system, the average homeowner recovers their investment in approximately 5-7 years and then produces FREE electricity for the remaining life of the panels. Solar panels are warranted for 25 years but are known to last for decades longer.

solar cash flow

The money you save each month allows you to recover your investment quickly.

The payments on financing can also be less than what you would pay to PG&E, which creates positive cash flow from day one, when you turn on your solar power system.


There are variables for each system that determine system costs, which are outlined below. But some of these factors can be controlled by your usage patterns as we see with time-of-use metering.

Time-of-use Metering

Increase your savings with a smaller system.

Time-of-use metering allows you to significantly reduce your energy bills so that you can realize a greater benefit from a smaller-sized system. This is done by timing your energy use so that the energy consumed is billed at a lower rate than the energy produced.

Learn more about Time-of-use Metering>>

Incentives & Rebates

Federal and State rebates, credits and grants. solar incentives, tax credits and rebates

The state and federal governments encourage residents to use non-polluting renewable energy by offering incentives that lower the cost of installing solar power in homes and businesses. Realize significant savings with Federal tax credits, State rebates and cash grants.

Federal and State incentives and rebates>>

Other Variables Effecting Solar Installation Costs


Energy usage. Start with your energy consumption. You can get a copy of your usage from PG&E. Take a look at your monthly kW numbers. This is the approximate amount of solar you will need to produce to zero out or reduce your bill, taking into consideration variations in weather, time of year, etc.

Sun exposure. Solar Panels perform at optimum capacity when placed in direct sunlight. Your photovoltaic array should be positioned directly under the noontime sun for maximum efficiency from your photovoltaic unit. A properly designed system will provide optimal energy output.

Equipment. Not all solar panels are equal. Some have a higher efficiency rating and produce more energy per panel. This is especially important if you have limited available roof space. You will realize more energy production from fewer panels. Solar Technologies offers the most efficient solar panels on the planet.
Learn more about solar equipment>>

Financing. Finance your system for less than you pay to your utility company with attractive solar loans or home equity loans, or lease your system for $0 down as low as $85 per month. The SunPower solar lease provides the best equipment and the best terms on the market.
Learn more about solar financing>>

Let Solar Technologies make going solar easy for you. We take care of every step. A professional solar design consultant will provide a FREE, no-obligation, accurate and detailed analysis of your home or business to see how you can save with a solar power system>>


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