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Corporate sustainability is the way to go

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Trying to find ways to hit your corporate sustainability goals and reduce costs at the same time? A recent survey tells us that many of your peers are considering lower-cost renewable energy solutions, such as solar power, to help them to do just that.  With energy costs on the rise, facility managers who want [...]

Using sunlight to power your business: The how and why

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How does a solar panel system work? The basic science is simple: light equals energy. But that doesn’t explain how that sphere of hot plasma in the sky is going to power your building.  So let’s start with the basics: how a solar panel system works. Then we’ll talk about all of the ways your business [...]

Getting up and running with commercial solar power

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Step 1: Learn more Become a thought leader on installing solar Understanding the pieces and considerations of a commercial solar installation will help you make the best decision for your company. Learning the basic system components is a good first step: Solar panels – Absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy for generating electricity Inverter – Converts power [...]

Solar power sees its day in the sun

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Solar power is a great renewable energy source—and it’s also more affordable than you might think. With so many users across the world, solar energy technology continues to become more efficient and cost-effective. According to Jelor Gallego’s article in Futurism, countries such as India and China, among others, are now confidently investing in solar power. From the [...]

How to help ensure your sustainability efforts pay off

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Although investing in renewable energy and other sustainability efforts can benefit a business in many ways, you may want to make sure it’s the right decision for your company’s bottom line before going ahead.  In an effort to show corporate social responsibility, many investors push for the adoption of business sustainability strategies. But some [...]

5 real reasons to adopt green business practices

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Why should businesses go green? A  Houston Chronicle article points out five reasons why green business practices can be beneficial to your company. “Going green” at work—or adopting environmentally friendly business practices—is not just a trend, but also a way for socially responsible companies to benefit from a host of advantages. The article points to plusses such [...]

Solar power today and tomorrow

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Solar power is one of the most efficient yet clean sources of energy we have access to. There are no increased fuel costs or dependencies, no ties to pollutants, and it’s both reliable and affordable. Of course, in order to harness solar power you need access to specific technology. This tech relies on either small-scale solar [...]

What exactly is green building?

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This day and age, you hear everyone talking about going green. Whether you want to admit it or not, at some point everyone will have to follow with the green movement. This is because at the rate we are going, the earth is simply not sustainable. That means that over the years, we will begin to run [...]

Go paperless: 5 tips for reducing your business’s dependence on paper

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Thinking about reducing your business’s carbon footprint? Looking for ways to hit your organization’s sustainability goals? An article from SustainableCitiesCollective tells how leading businesses are doing just that by focusing on reducing the amount of paper they use. Keeping cardboard boxes stamped with those green recycling logos in your hallways is not going to cut it. Today’s sustainability [...]

The 4 phases of a commercial solar panel installation

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When you’re first investigating the possibility of implementing a commercial solar installation, the future looks bright. It’s exciting to think about the energy cost savings and the environmental and social benefits this clean, renewable resource will bring to your organization. But that’s someday, not today. At this point, having made a commitment to go [...]