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Solar Technologies, one of the Bay Area’s leading solar providers, announced today that even small organizations can expect to pay their energy utility more than a million dollars over the course of 25 years. “Switching to solar is one of the single best ways to reduce your company’s operating costs and environmental footprint,” said Solar Technologies [...]

The Surprising Benefits of Solar That Go Beyond Helping the Environment

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For some, the benefits of solar power are clear. For others, they may be slightly cloudy. While most people can probably agree that a main reason to go solar is its positive impact on the environment, what are other motivations for adopting this clean energy source? Whatever level of knowledge you have about going solar, this recent list published by energysage contains [...]

Is It Worth It For Businesses To Go Solar?

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Clean energy isn’t just for large corporations with enough capital to make decisions solely for the environmental good. For many business owners, going solar can be a strategic decision with significant financial benefits. If you’re wondering whether solar is a feasible option for your business, here are some considerations to help ensure your investment is profitable [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Solar Battery Storage in 1,000 Words (and 3 Pictures)

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It’s not hard to see why the talk and excitement around commercial solar battery storage just keeps growing with each passing month. As the price of batteries continues to fall—and their performance continues to rise—more and more companies are taking a closer look at how battery storage can dramatically lower their monthly energy bills, especially when [...]

9 Questions to Ask Potential Commercial Solar Panel Providers

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When you start considering something totally new and different for your business, like purchasing commercial solar panels, you might not be sure where to start. What questions should you be asking? Who should you ask? How do you know if the answers you get are accurate, complete and unbiased? In other words, as with many new [...]

Answering: “How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for My Business?”

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In very simple terms, figuring out “how many solar panels do I need” is a matter of dividing how much energy a solar panel can provide by how much your business uses. But you didn’t come here for “simple,” you want a real answer. Okay, let’s dig a little deeper and put some numbers into our [...]

Understanding Solar Panel Efficiency Isn’t Rocket Science… Except When It Is

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Be honest—if your kid came home beaming with pride for getting a 20% on a spelling test, you’d be questioning their understanding of math as well as language arts. 20% just doesn’t sound impressive. But what if your grade-schooler was being quizzed on a list of 500 doctoral-level vocabulary words? You may then be tempted to [...]

How to Build a Compelling Case for Energy Efficiency Programs in 8 Steps

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When it comes to convincing a business’s decision makers and stakeholders that energy efficiency can contribute to a company’s success, the burden of proof may be somewhat daunting. This article by Smart Energy Decisions provides eight helpful steps in using and leveraging utility data to convince decision makers that a sustainability investment can provide a variety of [...]

7 Types of Renewable Energy for Your Business

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INFOGRAPHIC If you’ve just started investigating potential sustainable energy solutions, this infographic is a great place to begin. It provides a high-level overview of the types of renewable energy that could be viable for your organization.  Whether you’re motivated by corporate social responsibility, or looking for a way to reduce business electricity costs, commercial renewable energy [...]

The 3 Types of Onsite Commercial Solar Installations

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When you decide to move forward with solar for your business, the placement and type of commercial solar installation are usually determined by the physical characteristics of your site. This video overviews the three typical onsite solar installation methods, including rooftop solar systems, ground-mounted arrays and carport solar panels. It also covers some of the reasons [...]